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After my cancer therapy which included chemotherapy with radiation, I faced the need to cure myself from the damage this therapy did to my body. That’s why I learned about the 2000-years old medicine of Amazon, and I found out that it helps body to recover and that the Amazonian shamans use the giant leaf amazonian frog’s venom as medicine. A healer applied the venom on my leg by burning my skin with a twig so that my body would absorb the venom through the open wounds. That summer I received 120 burns on my leg and got rid of chemotherapy in my body. I thank Kambo frog for that.

Guadalupe Maravilla

I recur to the magic art of a shaman to get luck in my fights.

Blue Demon, 1975

My shaman was wounded, and the Virgin miraculously saved him.


Retablo by

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