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I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because I can allow myself to feed all my cats and they give me their love and keep me a company.

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Thanks for everything.

When I was very sick, the Death in person came to my bedroom. Horrified, I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan so that she’d scare the Death away. The Holy Virgin gave courage to my dogs, and they attacked the Death. The Death felt the dogs gnawing the bones and disappeared without taking me. I thank the Holy Virgin.

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That dark night in November, my family and I had to ride through the cemetery. We got scared as many skeletons, ghosts and dead men appeared to us. They looked threatening. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for her protection and because she gave our horse more speed so the dead didn’t get us.

O my Holy Virgin, what a terrible experience it was in the sea. My daughter Anita and I were swimming, and suddenly a giant octopus appeared to us. He grabbed us with his tentacles. I felt drowning, but fortunately nothing bad happened. We only got scared that he might take us down with him.

Maricela Ramirez
Acapulco, Guerrero
February 5, 1982

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One day Roberto went to the mountains and got caught in the rain. He went to a cave for cover but a bear got out of there and chased him all over the mountains.

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Graciela Rivera thanks the Lord of the Miracles for she stopped her son in time. He had put the cat in the microwave and wanted to cook it.

My son brought home a dirty stray dog. He and his little sister were delighted with this sack of fleas. I didn’t want this dog to stay in the house and tried to kick it out of the house. But the children watched me with fear in their eyes, so I couldn’t do it. My husband and I bathed this dog and bought it an anti-flea collar. The dog turned out to be very affectionate so we don’t regret to foster it. We thank Saint Francis for sending us this dog.

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The boy Pablo Gonzalez was molesting the piglets of a pig. She got angry and bit his ankle. The parents thank Saint Augustine for the boy has been out of the hospital and got rid of the infection.

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for I didn’t go blind after being beaten by a rattlesnake.

Orcinda Leadro Curreia
Ibimirin, Pernambuco

June 24, 1909, on the Saint John’s Eve, my old man was coming back from the field and met a ghost of a hanged man. I thank Saint Augustine for protecting my old man and his donkey from such danger.

Charcas, S.L.P., 1909

Virgin of San Juan, thank you for your help. I went to the cattle yard to give some water to Chaparro (The Shorty). That’s how I call my bull because he wouldn’t grow. I didn’t notice he wasn’t tied, and I thought he was sleeping as usual. But the bull chased me and pierced my leg. The wound wasn’t deep but the blow was so strong, I was kicked out of the yard.

Jacinto Felix
Tlaxcala, 1975

1945, Puebla, the baker Tiburcio Ruiz found himself in danger when he was almost bitten by a rabid dog. He entrusted himself to Saint James and was delivered from such horror. He thanks with this ratable because he got out safe and sound.

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