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I loved smoking marijuana to get inspiration for my artworks. But one day I smoked too much and began to see my house cats having wings and flying around, and one of them even smiling me. It scared me a lot. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this hallucination didn’t last long. Now I smoke only once a week, and only two puffs at a time. There are no hallucinations after that.

Sachi, you are a very kind girl but you can be egoistic sometimes. Even so you are very beautiful and everyone loves you.

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Nayeli thanks the Holy Lord of Chalma for letting her to present, with great success, her act of juggling on her horse and for the opportunity given by the circus. She expresses her gratitude.

January 6, 1990

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In 1939, my house was flooded with rats. I didn’t know how to get rid of them. Then my friend gave me two cats. I implored Saint Pancras, and the cats got done with the rats. I give infinite thanks for that.


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It happened once, when the night was falling, an UFO landed right in front of don Juan Sanchez’ house. Two strange beings came out to take the cat, but the owner gave a tremendous blow to one of them. The second one saw his associate injured and wanted to grab the cat but don Juan didn’t let him. Then both of them ran to their flying ship. Thank you, Virgin, for such a great result.

Ranch Los Pirules, Guanajuato

One evening, two colourful coyotes came, and, thanks to that, many people visited the ranch.

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Margarito Zapata gives thanks because his cow Aristarca sings. when he milks her, and gives a lot of milk every day.

Zacatecas, August 16, 1944

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I lost my vision because of an illness, and it depressed me greatly, since I live alone. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Lucy, with this humble retablo, for having a seeing-eye dog Spike. Apart from being my eyes when I go out, he’s also my best friend.

Roberto Hernandez \ Mexico City

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Anastacio Valencia was digging a hole for a well, and a very horrible scorpion came out. It attacked me, and I kicked it with a stick.

San Jose, Mai 11, 1939

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Guillermo Gonzalez was sent by his boss to Veracruz to measure some lands. He went by horse. Because it was very hot, he stopped to take a short rest by the river. He fell asleep and heard a voice in his dream that was calling him. He woke up and saw three crocodiles ready to attack him. He’s sure it was the Virgin of Guadalupe who warned him in his dream, and he thanks for saving him.

Tecolulta, Veracruz, 1955

I lived alone with my dog on a piece of land almost entirely surrounded by water, and we were happy in our world. One day, when sea ran high, we saved a beautiful girl from the water. Her boat had sunk. Since the moment we saw her, we feel in love with her, and she returned our love some time later. Now three of us live in this small and beautiful world of sand and sea.

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One cold night, a flying saucer landed near doña Francisca Gomez’ house. A martian came out of it and wanted to get inside trough a window to take a doggy. But señora grabbed a broom and gave him tremendous trashing so that he ran to his spaceship. Thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe, because I thought he was going to abduct me with my two doggies.

Bonita farm, municipality of Queretaro
May 3, 1956

Dominga Ruiz was alone with her cats when an abusive robber paid her a visit. He threatened her with death, and she implored Saint Teresa whom she thanks, with fervent devotion, because her cats defended her, and the robber got badly screwed and ran away.

Puebla, 1920

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