Gustavo Villeda

Señora Guadalupe Fernandez from the city of Orizaba, Veracruz, got very sick with ailments in her entire body. She wholeheartedly invoked Saint Anthony, and he worked a miracle of healing her completely. She ordered this retablo in gratitude.

Orizaba, Vercaruz, 1951

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I’m infinitely grateful to Our Lord who let me see my son again after that terrible tragedy happened in New York on September 11, 2001. He worked there, in the towers, but fortunately that day he didn’t have to work.

Señora Felicitas Romero V.
Calpulalpan, Tlaxcala, 2001

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for saving my life and for I didn’t get pregnant after being attacked and raped by some villains.

Sofia Garcia Mendez
Mexico City, 1975

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Thanks to Saint Jude Thaddeus because he made possible the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of North-American United States. To celebrate his election and the MLK birthday, I dance and sing with mariachi at the Paseo de la Reforma near the American embassy.

Gabrielle Civil, January 24, 2009

I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe to help me to defend myself from my husband because he was always abusive and when he came home drunk he used to beat me. The Virgin inspired me to start practicing boxing. The other day when he came drunk, I put my gloves on and beat the crap out of him. Since then, he wouldn’t dare to hit me, and I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for that.

I give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe who finally worked a miracle for me and liberated me from that voyeur neighbor who was always spying on me when I showered.

Señorita Angelica Moreno
Mexico City, 1971

I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the miracle of having a good harvest and that I was able to buy donkeys to carry my goods to the market. I dedicate this retablo in gratitude.

Juvencio Mendez P. — Chiconcuac, Mexico, 1937

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It happened to señor Victorino Mejia, an ordinary man from San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, who went to the celebration, that he drank a lot and got drunk. On his way back he laid to sleep under a tree. Some vultures came and started flying over him. He entrusted himself to the Holy Virgin of San Juan, and she scared the vultures away. Victorino dedicates the present retablo in gratitude and promises to never drink again.


My damned crested rooster was eating my plants. I wanted to scare him off but got frightened myself instead when he almost pecked out my boy’s eyes. In despair, I implored the Virgin of the Solitude for help. Fortunately nothing bad happened. I thank for that and dedicate this.

Panchita Lopez V.
Chavinda, Michoacan, 1962

One night, my sister Lupa and I were returning home from our aunt Josefina across de la Gloria ranch. Then two strangers started following us. They start hitting on us, and they seemed to have bad intentions. We got scared and entrusted our honor to the Virgin of Zapopan. She made so some workers from the ranch came on our way, and the strangers went away without attacking our virtue. We thank for that.

Apizaco, Tlaxcala, 1967

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle of delivering me from this horrible nightmares I used to have when I was being raped by a skeleton. After I’ve prayed with all my heart to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, I sleep well now.

Señorita Carmen Reyna B.
Chimaltenango, 1961

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Señora Antonia Maldonado suffered from faints. It happened that during one of this she seemed to see the devils abducting her daughter. She prayed the Virgin with all her heart, and the Virgin made the miracle of stopping these visions and curing her of this illness.

Mexico City, 1942

I, Estefania Aldama, declare that on June 25, 1937, I was giving birth completely alone. In such hard condition I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe with all my heart so she would take care of me and my baby. The Virgin showed me her mercy, and I give thanks to her with this retablo.

Mexico City, 1945

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