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Señor Fausto Lopez always liked the colors of the carnivals. With the present retablo, he thanks Saint Veronica for having visited the Carnival in Veracruz this year. He made many photos of the celebration because photography is his big passion.

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A giant spider used to build his web over my bed every night, and it looked me down with its devil eyes. At the mornings there was no spider. I cleaned up the web, but the next night it started all over again. Finally, after many prayers to Saint Barbara, I had a dream in which the saint pierced the spider with her sword. So the next night the spider didn’t come. I thank for that.

Valentina Suarez, November 3, 1946
Xalapa, Mexico

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Señora Guadalupe Fernandez from the city of Orizaba, Veracruz, got very sick with ailments in her entire body. She wholeheartedly invoked Saint Anthony, and he worked a miracle of healing her completely. She ordered this retablo in gratitude.

Orizaba, Vercaruz, 1951

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We thank the Holy Christ of the Good Voyage because fishing is going very good for us. Thanks to him we managed to save money to buy a house to our parents. The one thing we asked is health and to be with us every moment.

Alejandro and Ricardo, Veracruz, Mexico
November 20, 1986

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Virgin of Guadalupe, bless these great women, the Patronesses of Amatlan, Veracruz, and help so they could keep help all the immigrants who cross this country in search of the American dream putting themselves in many dangers, with the hope to get to their destiny. Only God and they know why they leave their homes and families. For a better future. Protect them, this humble neighborhood painter wholeheartedly asks you.

A. V. R. — Mexico City, 2014
May these women be blessed!

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When Aurora Valdez was dancing with her snake, it squeezed her so strongly her bones crackled.

Veracruz, November 11, 1944

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I dedicate this simple retablo in gratitude to Saint Philomena for walkways protecting me in my job as a sex-worker. Some of my friends had bad experiences with some clients because women are exposed to many dangers in this profession but we have our motives to do it.

Zulema R. ~ Xalapa, Veracruz

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October 10, 2004, I was celebrating my 15th birthday. We were all very happy and it was a blast—the cake, the toast and my dance partner who was my prince charming. With this retablo, I give thanks to Saint Alexis and to the Divine Face of God from Tlaxpana for helping me so no one noticed that I was pregnant and my parents didn’t find out until later that, besides stopping be a little girl, I also stopped being a maiden.

Silvia Yanet Rosas
Jalacingo, Veracruz, 2006

Don Roque’s dog was a wild beast. One day my girl got in his yard, and the animal jumped on her. But after snugging her the dog didn’t do anything. I know it was a miracle by Saint Quiteria’s protection.

Doña Teodosia Vallejo
Perote, 1955

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Sofia asked Saint Baylon for her husband when he stayed in open sea and was almost devoured by sharks.

Veracruz, 1879

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Pancho Moreno brings this retablo to the Miraculous Holy Heart of Jesus which I thank for letting me stay with the smoking hot Nina and, despite COVID-19, dine this Goddess out which I never forget. Uuuiiii!

Pancho Moreno
Xalapa, Veracruz, 2020

I dedicate this retablo to Juan Diego for avoiding that my buddy caught me making out with his wife, because that damned brown-skin girl is so hot. While at it, I ask you for the strength to make more pirouettes with her, without my buddy seeing me stuck in her pussy.

Roberto Garcia / Veracruz, 2018

We went to Veracruz to visit our aunts and uncles. When we were going in the boat some monkeys climbed over. They began to rock the boat, and we were afraid they would push us into the water full of crocodiles. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe we managed to escape safely from this difficult situation. No more animals attacked us during that trip. We thank for we went through it well.