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Thank you, my Saint Jude, for the incredible vacation in Zipolite that hot summer of 1980 when I met Vero.

Conchita Monjaraz

Felipa Muñoz went to Acapulco for vacation. She was drowning, but a gringo saved her. A romance arose from this. She thanks Saint Rita because now she has her blonde man and they live very happily.


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Thanks to Jesus Malverde for meeting Mavi who treats me like a queen here in Mazatlan.

Cony Valencia

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Thank you Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me the luck of winning a trip to Huatulco in a union raffle.

Lulu Fonseca

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I’m an American and I’m fascinated by the pre-hispanic cultures of Mexico. Every year I traveled to Mexico on my vacation and I’ve visited Monte Alban, Teotihuacan, Tula, Bonampak. But this year I’ve had to cancel everything because of the coronavirus pandemic. I beg Saint Christopher, patron saint of the travelers, to find a cure from COVID-19 sooner so I could visit the great Chichen Itza in Yucatan.

James White, 2020

I’m infinitely thankful to Saint Sebastian for the miracle of getting alive from a shark attack during my vacation in Mexico.

Tulum, 2019

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Thanks, Saint Judas, for the incredible vacation we spent in Zipolite.

Vicky & Lore

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Thanks to my Guardian Angel because I, a hunger student, came to parents for vacation, and they had a sack full of dressed chicken!!! I was so happy that I’d gorge myself with them, I even threw the chicken in the air and cried delightedly: “Fly, doves, fly!”

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I was enjoying a vacation at the beaches of India when after an earthquake came the tsunami. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe so she would save me from death. Although, I was swept and suffered some injuries, miraculously I came out alive. I offer this in memory.

Pedro Saldivar. Mexico City, 2004

I met Beny in Puerto Vallarta. I was captivated by him very fast. We became friends, and one day during that vacation I confess my love to him. He responded me. I thank the Lord of Oak because I asked for it very much.

July 1979

Lucia N. dedicates the present retablo to Saint Maroun thanking him for not getting pregnant after having unprotected sex with an American young man. He was with a group of spring-breakers. They had a party on a beach, and they invited her to join. They were drinking a lot of beer, and she didn’t realize what she was doing. She was very much worried what her parents would think, but now she’s calmed down. She promises to be more responsible.

Los Cabos, Baja California

I thank the Sea Goddess for helping me to meet dear Elke, a Swedish tourist, who is on vacation in Acapulco with her family. I’ve already slept with her mom and her dad. So now it’s her turn.

I went on vacation during the Holy Week. I was passing along the beach when I saw two very handsome guys playing in the sea. I start flirting with them and accidentally step on a lobster. The lobster pinched my leg, defending itself. I thank Jesus Nazarene for the cut wasn’t very serious. I promise not to flier on holy days.

Adelaida Ortega
Merida, Yucatan