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Frida comes to Brooklyn!!! I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe very much for the current exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum called “Frida Kahlo: Appearances can be deceiving.” Her clothes and personal belongings illustrate her personality which was the focus of her art. I didn’t visit her Blue House during my staying in Mexico City but now it’s been recreated in Brooklyn, just in few steps from where I live.

Gerald Dilley \ Brooklyn, New York, 2019

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Gloria Ramirez thanks Saint Pancras, with this retablo, because when she was having a walk around Coyoacan she was lucky to meet painter Diego Rivera while he was peacefully napping. 1943

Gonzalo Hernandez brings this retablo to the Child of Atocha giving infinite thanks for his retablos have been sold.

Puebla, 1978

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I’m an art lover, and I especially enjoy the surrealistic paintings of the gray Spanish artist Salvador Dali. I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Luke, thanking him for the talent of this great artist, so influent in XX century, author of my favorite painting “Christ of Saint John of the Cross”.


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This is San Lucas Evangelista, the patron saint of artists. I petition him every day to help me make good paintings. Sometimes I think he hears me. Sometimes I don’t.

September 3, COVID-21

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I dedicate this humble retablo to Saint John Bosco thanking him for finding a job as a painter of naked female models. The truth is I can’t paint but I convinced the gallery owner that I have a very abstract and modernist style. So now, apart of making money, I also delight my eyes with the beautiful models.

Gaspar Aguilar \ Queretaro, Mexico

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I thank my Guardian angel for holding me from killing my friends who come visit the artist and keep me from painting.

Elena Bukina

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Every night in my dreams I get wings and fly over my town. My problems go far away. I wake up happy because Lord gave me a new day. I breathe, I live. I paint. I love life. My Guardian Angel is always with me. I say “Thank you!”

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Thanks to you, Virgin of Guadalupe, my wife agreed to pose naked for my paintings, and thanks to that I won the artist contest and a scholarship.

Rogelio, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1967

I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Jude Thaddeus for the fabulous work and life of Diego Rivera, artist. His murals about Detroit Industry have been an inspiration for millions of aspiring artist, and they have been a pride of Detroit for almost 100 years.

Luis Romo, Mexico

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In 1925, a terrible accident happened when the bus, which young Frida Kahlo was traveling in, crashed into a tram. I was present at the moment. I thank Our Holy Mother of Guadalupe because the young girls survived and became a great painter.

Juana Cruz, Mexico City

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I make this retablo to thank Saints Emeterius and Celedonius who were helping me, for 4 years, with my shoulder injury which hurt so much. I thought I could never paint again. Although it still hurts, I can make painting for living. That’s why I want to ask Saint Lucy, patroness of the vision, to help me, Dario Ortiz, so I could keep on seeing everything I love to see.

Mexico City, April 2021

I liked to paint but I was afraid of not having enough talent to become a professional. But one night Frida Kahlo appeared in my dream and encouraged me to paint. I give infinite thanks to Saint Charbel for that dream. It was the inspiration I needed to do what I loved the most—painting.

Mexico City

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