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Pascasia Lopez bring this retablo thanking the Holy Child of Atocha for she got to know Frida the painter. I’m also thankful to Frida for helping my son to finish the primary school.

Mexico, 1952

Frida asks the Virgin of Guadalupe that Diego wouldn’t be such a womanizer.

Coyoacan, Mexico City

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As a consequence of beating the fuck out of her mother-in-law Sebastiana Montiel was taken to the jail. She thanks Saint Pancras because the artist Frida helped her to go out of the jail.

Puebla, 1939

During her tourist trip to Puebla, the Italian Antonella Peruzzi met a young painter Baltazar Mendez in the artistic neighborhood. She thanks Saint Anthony of Padua for having met in him the love she was always looking for. She married him and stayed to live in this beautiful city and wonderful country.


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German Robledo was painting his neighbor naked. But then came her boyfriend and beat him up. WIth this retablo, German thanks Saint Patrick for he has already come out of the hospital and has presented charges against him.

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1939, Rancho de la Rosa, Puebla, my son and his horse fell, and he badly injured his hip bones. He thanks Saint Pancras that the artist Frida came and helped to cover the expenses of his treatment.

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My husband entered in the mid-life crisis. As much conservative he had been, he suddenly became a hippy. The worst part was that he left his office job and started to paint. He even painted our house in various colors. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would bring him back to his senses. But the Holy Virgin, in her infinite wisdom, made so that one gallery began to buy his paintings. Now they have bought all his works because it turned out he was really a good artists. I want also to thank the Virgin because he has repainted our house back in white.

Ernestina Villafaña brings this retablo to the Merciful Lord thanking him because the artists Frida and Diego keep staying together as usual.

Mexico, 1950

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Look, if I loved you for the hair,
now, when you’re bald, I love you not.

I bring this retablo to Saint Jude Thaddeus in gratitude for my friend Frida, the painter, has got an improvement and is having a positive attitude.

Mexico, 1949

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Maria Teresa Gomez, faithful to the Holy Child of Atocha, brings this retablo thanking for having met in person the painter Frida Kahlo at the “Arronte” hotel in Puebla.

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While walking in the park, Yolanda Robledo had the fortune to met none other than the artist Frida herself. She thanks the Virgin of San Juan with this retablo for such luck.

Puebla, 1943

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I give you infinite thanks, Saint James the Apostle, for having a natural beauty and the body. Thanks to my look I have a lot of job as an art model for artists and photographers, and, with the money they pay me, I can cover my university studies.

Ana M.
Guanajuato, Mexico

Carolina Robledo, faithful to Saint Charbel, brings this retablo as a testimony of gratitude for seeing her friend Frida very happy with her pets.

Mexico, 1946

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