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German Robledo was painting his neighbor naked. But then came her boyfriend and beat him up. WIth this retablo, German thanks Saint Patrick for he has already come out of the hospital and has presented charges against him.

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With all my heart, I ask the Holy Lord of Chalma with this retablo so that my son would never find out about my past and what I used to do before he was born. I was posing nude for some men magazines. And if he found out, let it be when he’s grown enough to understand the reasons why I did it.

Karen M., Mexico City

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R. M. dedicated herself to wrestling naked. But one day her brother discover it. She thanks Saint Marta with this retablo for overcoming this embarrassment and promises to get away from the evil.

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Rita Sandoval posed naked for her boyfriend in the field, near a coral. Some ticks got on her, and she became sick. She thanks Saint Rita of Cascia for her recovery and promises not to be an exhibitionist.

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Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for all your favors. It seemed I was loosing my mind when I got in the river completely naked. One and half year before, my boyfriend Pepe had drowned at the very same place. A lady saw me there and reported to the police. They came looking for me, and then I spent three days at a police station until my mother and my sister came after me. They payed the fine, and then I was taken from there with the psychologist. Few months later, I was doing better mentally, since I had been at the edge of going crazy.

Angela Moreno
Cuernavaca, Morelos, 1965

I found Luis sleeping with the pigs. Please, Virgin, cure him.

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for your favors. I got involved with a real psychopath without knowing it. Suddenly he became mad with no reason. He was speaking incoherently and asking me whom I’d been cheating on him with. I told my father about Javier but he answered me that it was my fault that I’d got mixed up with a man like him. In the end, Javier stripped me down, tied my arms around a tree and flogged me. My father was coming by, he saw Javier beating me and shoot him in the leg. I was saved.

Maria Zoto
Tlaxcala, 1969

Juan Carlos Romero was taking shower when a horrible earthquake began. He thanks Saint Charbel with this retablo for he managed to get out of his apartment in time although he totally forgot to put his underwear on.

I had no water in my house so I went to take a bath to the river. When I finished and get out of the water, I found that a calf had eaten all my clothes except my shoes. Just a thought of going naked back home made me feel embarrassed. Mostly because I had to pass the Rodriguez’ house who are very lustful men. The Virgin of Guadalupe helped me—I found a tablecloth put out to dry off on the fence of a nearby house. I wrapped myself in it and ran to the house, and no one saw me.

Juana M. got drunk and had a brilliant idea to ride a bike naked. She thanks Saint Rita with this retablo for the police arrested her only for 48 hours.

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Pedro and Juan thank the Virgin for being very happy.

An artist Gaudensio Ponce made a full-nude image of a wrestler’s wife. He thanks Saint Pancras for the wrestler liked his work and didn’t beat Gaudensio.

Manuel and Mario are happy. They love each other and thank the Virgin.

Mexico City — November 21, 2007