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A spaceship landed in the village. The martians were taking the poultry from every person because no one could see them because they made themselves invisible. I thank the Holy Spirit for my dog smelled them and began to bark. The martians got scared so much they lost their invisibility, and then I could saw them. I chased them with my broom. They ran to their ship without my animals.

Leaving the bar, my old man and I met extraterrestrials who wanted to take us to their planet. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for protecting us from these little creatures.

Tlaxcala, 1985

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Some martians moved in the house near us. I was scared, but then, after knowing them better, I saw that they are very nice and generous persons. Our families get along very well. I thank the Virgin for such wonderful neighbors.

When I came back home after visiting my mother I saw some martians in my bedroom. They were drunk with lemonade. It seems that the lemons had had alcohol effect on the martians and they were in deep sleep. When I scream out of fear, they woke up and escaped through the window to their spaceship. On their way they picked up all the lemons from the trees. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the martians didn’t do anything to me.

My boyfriend and I were hiding in the alley behind my house. We were talking and kissing, when suddenly some strange creatures appeared ti us. They came out of the wall. I think they were aliens. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe an angry dog started barking at them, and the creatures got scared and went back into the wall.

Some aliens came to my house. They had dubious intentions and seemed aggressive. But thank to the Virgin of Guadalupe I started to play my guitar, and the aliens got very happy with the music. Instead of attacking me, they started dancing and even gave me a cube before leaving. I don’t know how to use it but it’s very nice. I thank for they didn’t attack me.

Don Aureliano Fernandez was going from Mexicali to Durango, and the engine of his car died. While he was trying to repair it two persons approached him very quietly. They appeared literally from nothing. They looked like Scandinavians—with thick blond hair. They offered to help. They just touch the engine and it started itself like a magic. After that they went away and got in their flying saucer. I was so amused I was numb after seeing this. I offer this retablo to Saint Michael Archangel for protecting me from anything bad.

Durango, 1988

I was reading a book before going to sleep and suddenly saw a light from another world through the window. Then some martians came inside my house boating in the air. I was scared to death thinking they were to abduct me for their experiments. But thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, I must admit, they were very polite. They only sniffed around and ate the fruits that were on the table. Then they left to their ship.

I thank the Virgin Mary because, after being abducted for three years, the aliens brought me back home and I made a lot of good friends in outer space.

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A dog from Mars rode me around his planet. Thanks for he brought me back to Earth.

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One night the famous martians arrived. Thanks to the Virgin they were nice persons.

Anita has a friend came from another galaxy. Thank goodness he’s harmless.

May 1968

Dr. Guillermo Castillo M. was going to Mexico City and saw some small men at the height of Llano Grande. They were going to the trees. Doctor stopped and watched them. They were around 1 meter height and had big heads. It wasn’t a big surprise that they turned out to be aliens. They went to their UFO and flew away to the volcanos. Guillermo thanks Saint Michael the Archangel and offers this retablo as the testimony.

Puebla, 1965

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