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Since my wife started her diet, she began sleepwalking at nights. She went to the kitchen and brought cookies, cakes and fruits in the bed. When she finished chewing this, she went to take more. In the mornings she thought it was me who brought all the food. She was very angry with me and didn’t believe me when I said it was her who brought everything. I thank the Virgin because my wife finished her diet because it didn’t work and she was even gaining weight instead. She stopped sleepwalking, and now I sleep calmly.

My wife used to sleep with the dogs. Thanks for she dropped this habit.

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Whenever my husband has a gout attack, he becomes unbearable. He’s getting bored and asking me to bring him some absurd things to bed, and after a while he doesn’t need them anymore and asks me for other things. So I have to ran back and forth. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the herbalist gave me a tea which prevent the attacks. And even if they happen thy don’t last so much. I’m much ore happier when I don’t need to look after my husband for long time.

Eusebia Maldonado was sick with fever, and many little red devils came to her. They climbed to Eusebia’s bed and pricked her with their tridents. She though she was going to die and the devils came to take her to hell. Although she had sinned, she didn’t think she’d sinned so much to suffer this harassment from the devils. She prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for protection, and the Virgin appeared in her splendor and scared the devils away. They left Eusebia in peace and ran back to hell.

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Gerardo Ochoa was sleeping in his bed when he was stung by two scorpions. He thanks Saint Anthony the Great with this retablo for curing him and promises to clean his house more often.

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I ask you to stop my wife from sleeping with dogs.

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Thank you, The Holy Child of Atocha, because this cuckold my old man Isabelo Recendiz didn’t notice Sancho under the bed. He wanted to kill him but, because he is cross-eyed, he didn’t see him. I, Norma Nava R., give thanks for it with this ex-voto.

Mexico, 27 October 1980

My husband and I had problems in our love life. But thanks to herbs a witch gave me my husband has become a tiger in bed. Now we are happy and thank the Virgin.

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When I married my sweet, delicate and beautiful fiancée I feel like the happiest man in the world. I didn’t know that this fragile being snored like a lion. I couldn’t imagine that a little mouth that looked like a rosebud could produce such terrible sounds. I loved her deeply but without being able to sleep my marriage turned into a nightmare. Then I implored the Virgin of Zapopan who, in her infinite mercy, worked a miracle, and my lovely wife stopped snoring. Now she just whistles but that doesn’t bother me. I give infinite thanks.

A hail storm ruined the roof of the corral. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my husband, although reluctantly, let the animals sleep in the house until he could repair the roof and until it won’t be so cold outside.

Marina Rios

I was sick and was laying in the bed. One night, the Death came to my bedroom with the scythe, ready to take my life. I grabbed the crucifix to scare the Death, but he saw so many of them, he didn’t care. But my dog, however, seeing the bony legs and thinking that it was her dinner, ran joyfully for them. The Death got scared, ran away and never came back. Next morning I felt better. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for saving my life.

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When I came back home after visiting my mother I saw some martians in my bedroom. They were drunk with lemonade. It seems that the lemons had had alcohol effect on the martians and they were in deep sleep. When I scream out of fear, they woke up and escaped through the window to their spaceship. On their way they picked up all the lemons from the trees. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the martians didn’t do anything to me.

Since it was very hot night, I opened the window and turned on my new fan before going to sleep. But two crocodiles thought the fan was an enormous and delicious fly, because of its sound. So they got into my room to get it. I thank the Holy Spirit because I managed to escape from those stupid crocodiles.

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