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When I came back home after visiting my mother I saw some martians in my bedroom. They were drunk with lemonade. It seems that the lemons had had alcohol effect on the martians and they were in deep sleep. When I scream out of fear, they woke up and escaped through the window to their spaceship. On their way they picked up all the lemons from the trees. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the martians didn’t do anything to me.

Since it was very hot night, I opened the window and turned on my new fan before going to sleep. But two crocodiles thought the fan was an enormous and delicious fly, because of its sound. So they got into my room to get it. I thank the Holy Spirit because I managed to escape from those stupid crocodiles.

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I bought some quesadillas with mushrooms for the dinner so we could have something light that won’t give us any nightmares at night. But I couldn’t imagine they were so light. I saw my children getting up in the air from their beds and floating into the window like feathers and flying up to the Moon. I was scared they would be lost in space, so I invoked the Holy Child with the Ball. He made the miracle so my sons changed their direction and flew back to the house and back to their beds. Then I tied and rolled them into the blankets so they wouldn’t fly out again.

My house had been invaded by bats. I was afraid they would suck my blood but got no success of scaring them out. Every night they flew around the house driving my cat and fog mad and depriving me of sleep. I prayed Saint Quiteria asking her for help, and the saint appeared as a bright light that scared the bats away, so they flew out the window and never came back. I thank the saint with this retablo for delivering me from this plague.

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The night of June 22, 1962, a terrible nagual appeared in my bedroom. I was scared he might take me with him, so I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe. She scared him off with her splendor, and the nagual took off with the tail between his legs.

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Every time when it was raining my wife put all the animals inside the house so they wouldn’t wet and sick. Then my wife went to sleep peacefully, and I couldn’t close my eyes. I was afraid that an egg might fall on my head or the pig would start licking my face. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because we finally saved enough money to build a shed and a henhouse. Now the animals sleep there without getting wet, and I don’t have them around my bed.

I thank Saint Rita for helping me to save money for a California King bed. Now I can put two men in my bed at once without feeling cramped.

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I thank Christ of the Palm because when I was bedridden my friends arrived to perform an exorcism on me.

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I met my love in the wrestling. Thank you, Virgin.

Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favors. My lover and I were going to lie in bed when suddenly somebody knocked on the door. I told my lover to hide himself and went to open. It was my partner who came back. Turned out that the cabaret where he had been working as a bartender was shut down. He told me he had drunk a little bit with his pals. He was drunk and he didn’t notice my lover Adrian. The moment my partner wasn’t looking, Adrian managed to escape.

Claudio Venegas
Mexico City, 1962

Bernabe Gonzalez used to beat his wife. But one day she had enough of it, so while her husband was sleeping, she tied him to the bed with the belt and gave him a lesson. Bernabe got so scared that he promised to St. Pancras to not be violent with his wife.

Pachuca, 1935

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My husband used to have dreams about voluptuous and seductive women. He hugged the air, kissed and spoke in the dream and always had this stupid smile on his face. It drove me nuts. The horrible part was that after that he woke up in a very good mood. Then the Holy Virgin gave me an idea to take my photo in the bed. I looked very seriously in that photo, so he would know that I was watching him. It helped. My husband doesn’t hug or kiss in his sleep anymore, just grunts and murmurs something.

The Raquel Ramirez’ husband began to snore in a terrible manner. The poor woman couldn’t sleep for a whole week. Then she desperately prayed to the Virgin of the Rosary, and the merciful Virgin made the miracle. She made tea with the herbs prescribed by some nuns, and don Samuel stopped snorting eight days later. She thanks.