Maya Prieto Salazar

The teacher Ramona Rodrigues was assigned to a class in a school filled with rats and other pests. The children seemed to get used to it but she was completely frightened. She thanks the Virgin of San Juan for she was transferred in another school after all, and even the kids over there were smarter.

My son Luisito was kicked by the milkman’s donkey. The boy was in bad condition. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for his recovery.

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Naughty students stole my wedding cake on a dare. We thank Saint Anthony because we got our cake back although it was slightly smashed. It’s a very bad sign to have a wedding party without a cake.

Ramona Lopez de Cano

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The girl Josefina Robles thanks the Holy Child of Atocha because her cat who was lost has come back, little bit weaker and injured. She will take care of him until he’ll be recovered. She offers this retablo to the saint for this miracle.

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All the red fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator were mysteriously disappearing. I was intrigued until one night I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and found out that a vegetarian vampire was the thief. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my dog barked and growled and bit him. The vampire got so scared, he never came back. So it wouldn’t occur to him to change his diet and to suck my blood.

On the Night of the Dead, our friends, my husband and I were going to the capital. We stopped to have a rest and to eat in a remote village in San Luis Potoci. We noticed there was a hall where the celebration was going on. So we decided to dance a little. But at the midnight all the inhabitants of the village turned into skeletons. We got scared and ran away. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for the dead men didn’t do anything to us.

When my husband and I went to visit our relatives in Veracruz we had to go in a boat by the river. Then some giant crocodiles began to surround us. It was getting harder to row because of the stones and mangroves. But thanks to the Virgin of San Juan we managed to get to the house of our relatives safe and sound and no animal attacked us. We offer this retablo to the Virgin.

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Graciela Rios rented one of her rooms as a lab to one scientist who worked with animals. One night she heard strange noises in the cellar. She went to look what it was and saw two giant rats. They escaped from the lab and were eating her provisions. Graciela thanks the Virgin of San Juan because she was able to catch those monsters. And she asked the scientist to work only with plants, otherwise she’d kick him out.

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I enjoyed reading books in the yard. One day a little girl came by and asked me to read to her. Now I have a lot of children coming by. I read them, and I enjoy it very much. I thank the Holy Virgin because the books and the children alleviate my loneliness.

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Everyone in our family has a musical talent which we are very proud of. However, we were highly disappointed in our son Mario who hadn’t inherited a good ear for music and is awful in playing the instrument he chose. He hadn’t inherited my wife’s wonderful voice as well. He sings horribly. But his teacher has discovered that he’s a mathematical genius. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for our son has a talent.

My sister and I went to the town to buy tortillas. When we were passing by a forest we saw skeletons. They appeared from the woods and started chasing us. We were holding our babies and we couldn’t ran very fast. We were scared but the Virgin of Zapopan protected us. The skeletons began to lose their bones and they stopped to pick up their arms and legs. We managed to escape and ran to the church to thank the Holy Virgin.

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Everybody loves my cooking. They always asked me what’s my secret. I always laugh but tell no one because it’s the little angels from the Virgin of San Juan who come to help me and give the last touch to my dishes—putting some salt, or some coriander, or parsley. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for this supernatural wonder of sending her angels to help me.

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Samuel Rodrigues fell in love with two mermaids. They enchanted him with their singing. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep, he didn’t want to work but spent all days long at the bottom of the laguna. Until one day he saw the mermaids eating with their big sharp-toothed mouth. He thanks the Virgin of the Rosary for delivering him from those monsters’ spell.

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