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I thank Saint Charbel with this humble retablo because I managed to save enough money to pay for my breast augmentation surgery. I had small bust and had to stuff my bra every day. Once at a party a filling fell off in front of the people, and I was dying of embarrassment. Now this won’t happen again.

Alicia R. \ Cuernavaca, Morelos

Jasinto Chavez had some drinks and came to work drunk. He was fired for that. He thanks Saint Francis with this retablo because he was paid big dough and has already found another job.

The Ramirez sisters thank Saint Cecily for they finally managed to save enough money for the instruments. Now they have a rock band, and they have many gigs.

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My husband Edilberto bet me one thousand pesos that I will never learn to drive. Although I had to face some troubles at the beginning, thanks to Saint Barbara I got my driving license. I teach my husband a lesson and got my thousand pesos.

April 17, 1967

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Thank you, Virgin, for me being a prostitute and having money.

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We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because we sold our crop by a good price. With the money, we bought a cow and three pigs. We’ll began to breed pigs and we’ll have fresh milk for our children because they need it. We offer this retablo for helping us.

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My husband was always inventing strange devices of small practical use. But one day the circus people saw him on his monocycle with super-accelerator, and they loved it. They bought it and ordered him few more. We give thanks because with this money we could open a small groceries shop. So my husband can keep inventing his strange things, and we won’t lack money.

I was taking a customer one day, and he forgot his suitcase with documents and cash in my taxi. When I noticed it I ran out looking for him. Finally I found him and returned him his suitcase untouched. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Nicholas of Bari thanking him for being rewarded for my honesty with money by that mister. I used this money to fix my little car which is my work instrument.

Delfino Buendia, Mexico City

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Since we needed money so badly, I decided—after noticing that the prostitutes from the Rosales street earned quite a good money—to try this thing. I put on a blouse in which I looked very beautiful, took my sister’s skirt, borrowed high heels shoes and went to the Rosales street. First, a horrible drunk old man hit on me. He wanted me to go with him but I ran from him. Then came the police and tried to put us in jail, but I managed to escape. I thank Saint Raymond, and I suppose it’s better to work in a bakery.

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With this retablo, I thank the Virgin of the Charity who helped me to collect some money for the maracas without which I couldn’t have worked in the “Windmill” cabaret in Tijuana.

Abel C. dedicates this humble retablo to Saint George thanking him for his wife hasn’t found out that he has a habit of spending a lot of money on private dances from sexy strippers at “Table Dance” on weekends. He promises to never forget about his obligations as husband, but will go on satisfying his personal whims, even secretly.

Tijuana, Baja California

Delfina Hernandez dedicates this humble retablo to Saint Barbara in sign of gratitude for her master pays her very good for her discretion so she won’t tell her wife about his infidelity, when he brings home young girls taking advantage of his wife’s absence. With this extra-money, she could help more to her family which stays back in her village.

Guadalajara, Jalisco

The Coca-Cola’s employee Raul Hernandez thanks Saint James for his good sales. He was payed the bonus to the best salesman of the year, so he got good money.

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