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Nayely gives infinite thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because her husband didn’t find out that she cheated on him in this hotel with his boss and saved him in this way from being thrown to jail for crashing his boss’ car. She asked for forgiveness, but she did it out of love for her husband.

January 25, 1985
Tacubaya, Mexico City

I thank Saint Rita because now, when I’ve been transferred to another department, my old boss would never find out that it was I who, in revenge, used to put dog shit on his desk.

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I give thanks to Saint Jude Thaddeus for granting me the freedom. I was arrested for taking money for the lottery tickets I’d sold. But you know well that I took them to buy Christmas presents for my children. I did it because they’ve never received presents. And today, January 6, my boss found out the truth and withdrew his complaint saying that I’m innocent because he was also a boy once and he’s also a father.

Mexico City, 1968
Melchor Garcia Baltazar

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M. S. and J. A. were fucking in the elevator, and their boss caught them. They fervently thank Saint Pancras with the present retablo because they only received a money penalty but weren’t fired.

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Alicia asks Saint Sebastian for forgiveness because she put horns on her husband with her boss in this hotel because her boss found out that her husband had crushed his car and wanted to throw him in jail for that. That’s why I accepted these conditions—so that Antonio wouldn’t go to jail.

January 25, 1985

I suspected that my boss was attracted to me physically. My suspicions were confirmed during the office party at the end of the year. He was shamelessly hounding me all night. I give infinite thanks to Saint Martin the Cavalryman because I found another job since my situation had become unbearable—apart from me not liking him, he’s also married.

Catalina Morales, Puebla

Young Gustavo T. masturbated a lot in the toilet with erotic magazines until one day he was caught by his boss. Gustavo thanks, with great devotion, Saint Maroun for he was only fired and not humiliated in front of everybody.

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Every day in the office, I was suffering harassment from my boss who used every opportunity to approach me and touch me. He made me improper proposals in change of moving up in my job, and I felt very terrible. I thank Saint Dorothy for giving me enough courage to denounce him to his superiors and to end this nightmare.

Rita N.
Pachuca, Hidalgo

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The Diana Nuñez’ boss used to demand her to have sex with him in order to keep the job until one day she reported him. She thanks Saint Raymond for her boss is now in jail and she can do her work properly.

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My husband was very bad with the intimate things. He was thinking only about his job and his office things. Meanwhile, little by little, I began to feel attraction to his beautiful boss when my husband invited him to our house for dinner. One night, when the boss sent my husband in a business trip, we had a love affair and I got pregnant. I thank Saint Augustine because my husband thinks it’s his baby. I ask you to not let him ever find out about my infidelity.

Laura N.
Merida, Yucatan

I thank Saint Sebastian because I heard my boss coming back home, so I could escape through the window and stayed in the cold. He didn’t catch me with his wife. I asked you for help, and you made so he never found out about us. I appreciate this.

Luis P. G.
Condesa, Mexico City
December 28, 2004