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I was hit by a woman who was looking at her phone, but thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe I was saved.

Lucio Ibarra

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I thank the Lord of the Miracles and the Holy Burial from Paracho for saving me from this horrible accident. They sent me an angel dressed up like a federal who rescued and protected me at all times.

Nelida P. Escobedo, November 22, 2009

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We thank the Holy Virgin of the Rosary from Talpa for the great miracle she made for us. We were attacked and threatened with death in Sinaloa, but we all escaped alive. We are very grateful.

Adolfo and Gloria Peña and children
October 23, 2009

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Sergio Ramon Martinez suffered a rollover when he was going to his family reunion in General Terán and fell asleep. However, he came out unharmed because he fastened his seat belt. He offers this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan in gratitude for this miracle.

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Bad thing happened with a boy Juanito Sanchez. He was working at this sandwich place and he was hit by a car that nailed him to the kiosk. Seeing that tragedy, his mom implored you, Virgin of Guadalupe, so that you’d save him from this tragedy.


It was a cloudy evening, and it was blowing hard. My wife had to give birth bolero due, but we lived far from the town. Our pickup truck broke down half the way. My wife had a terrible pain, and I carried her over the hills with the strong wind blowing me in the face. Our little daughter Teresita was behind us in the darkness without seeing where to go. I was exhausted, Josefina was in a lot of pain. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I invoked the Virgin of Guadalupe, and she gave me strength to go on on and get to the town. My son is called Lupe. I dedicate this retablo for her miracle.

Jasinto N., 1968

Alfredo gives infinitive thanks to the Lord of Chalma for he managed to extinguish his gas truck when it got on fire after losing the brakes and crushing into another car. Thus he avoided a bigger tragedy. He brings this retablo for the received favor.

January 14, 1985
Mexico City

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Because of a very powerful hurricane that hit our town, the river bursted its banks and I was trapped in my truck with my little dog. I give infinite thanks to Saint Rita with this retablo because the rescue team came in time and saved me and my little dog Canela.

Remedios Velasco ~ Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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I’m still a virgin because I’ve been always very shy with women. So my friends encouraged me to hire a prostitute. But I was so nervous I didn’t notice that I went to the area where crossdresser men work. I give thanks to Saint Bruno because I noticed that the “girl” who was about to jump in my car was a man. I promise to wait till the real love comes to my life.

Maximiliano T. — Culiacan, Sinaloa

To avoid hitting a girl with a dog I made a sudden turn and almost crashed into a train. Only by a miracle of the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe my car stopped just in few millimeters from the train. I’m offering this retablo in gratitude on the day 30th of September 1957.

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Alicia asks Saint Sebastian for forgiveness because she put horns on her husband with her boss in this hotel because her boss found out that her husband had crushed his car and wanted to throw him in jail for that. That’s why I accepted these conditions—so that Antonio wouldn’t go to jail.

January 25, 1985

A nagual jumped out on the road and wanted us to take him to his home. We took him there. Thanks for he didn’t harm us.

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A car fell on the mechanic Ramon Lopez while he was repairing it. He thanks Saint Martin de Porres with this retablo for he was saved in time and his injures have been healed.

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