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Saint Dymphna, I’m infinitely thankful to you for looking after me, at night and during the day, and from client to client. You blessed me in my vigil hours and comforted me in my dreams. You blessed me with bravery and showed me my own power. I’ll be always grateful for your effort. Thanks for watching for me and keeping me safe.

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My husband changed for the worse. He began to visit bars and ladies of easy virtue. I was afraid to lose him, so I prayed to the Virgin so that he wouldn’t go a bad path. Finally I had an idea. I said to him that if he’d continue to behave naughty, I would not cook for him anymore. And I cook really good. He thought it over and broke off his bad habits. I thank the Virgin of San Juan.

Zapopan, Mexico, 1980

I was so devastated by my relationship with my family and friends, I moved to Guadalajara. Since I didn’t study, I couldn’t find a job. So I went to prostitute myself, and I like this job.

Tonala, Jalisco
Jose Pichardo, 1987

Maria Antonieta Garcia earns her living by selling her body at the streets of the Mexico City in order to support her children since she was left by her husband. She asks the Holy Heart of Jesus to look after and protect her in this miserable but honest job she’s destined to.

December 1960

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I dedicate this simple retablo in gratitude to Saint Philomena for walkways protecting me in my job as a sex-worker. Some of my friends had bad experiences with some clients because women are exposed to many dangers in this profession but we have our motives to do it.

Zulema R. ~ Xalapa, Veracruz

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Virgin of San Juan, thank you for your help. I was talking with my ex-pimp Armando so that he would give me back my belongings because he didn’t live with me anymore and lived with Ramona. She came out of the brothel door and attacked me from behind hitting me with a bottle. We fell on the ground where she kept beating me until I lost my conscience. I couldn’t recover for a long time. I asked the Virgin to heal me and so that my head would be alright until I was fully recovered.

Marina Peña
Mexico City, 1955

I give thanks to the Archangel of Justice for I left this disgraceful life I led before suffering insults and abuse from authorities and putting my health in danger. You sent me a man who met me and found out about my past. He fell in love with me and me too. We got married and live very happily.

Margarita, La Doña before
It happened here in Merced, Mexico City

I, Agustin Chavez, pay with this exvoto thanking for the Martian prostitute didn’t do me any harm. Although she’s not from this planet, she was pretty hot and very good in kissing.

Mexico, 1983

I give infinite thanks to Saint Augustine for having met a good man who loves me and wants me as I am. He’s just made me a marriage proposal, and my past as prostitute didn’t affect him. Because of my type of living, I didn’t imagine I’d find love, and now I’m very happy with the opportunity to have a family.

Selene R. ~ Tijuana, Baja California

Virgin of Guadalupe, I ask you that I’d do well in this job until I find another.

Esperanza Iniestra

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My friends and I had an idea of hiring prostitutes via internet for the bachelor party of one of them. I was greatly surprised finding out that one of the prostitutes was my cousin. I thank Saint Charbel because, in exchange of keeping this secret and not telling her parents about it, she will introduce me to her friends and they will give me a special price.

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I’m still a virgin because I’ve been always very shy with women. So my friends encouraged me to hire a prostitute. But I was so nervous I didn’t notice that I went to the area where crossdresser men work. I give thanks to Saint Bruno because I noticed that the “girl” who was about to jump in my car was a man. I promise to wait till the real love comes to my life.

Maximiliano T. — Culiacan, Sinaloa

Pancho Moreno brings this retablo to the Miraculous Holy Heart of Jesus which I thank for letting me stay with the smoking hot Nina and, despite COVID-19, dine this Goddess out which I never forget. Uuuiiii!

Pancho Moreno
Xalapa, Veracruz, 2020