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Nayely gives infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma for letting her find job as prostitute to support her family and to pay for her son’s heart surgery whom she loves so much.

January 25, 1985

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Luisa Escalante, being alone without a job and with two children at home, had an idea to make business with her own body. Because she was selling herself at the best spot of the lively street, she managed to support her sons, so they could make their careers. Luisa thanks the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception for having protected her at this difficult stage of her life and offers her this retablo.

Ciudad Juarez, 1965

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Rita Perez thanks the Holy Virgin for working as a prostitute, having money and being happy.

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Arturo L. traveled to Thailand and there, in a brothel, he met the woman of his dreams. He thanks Saint James with this retablo for he managed to convince her to leave her job and come back with him.

Alberto Gonzalez fervently thanks the Merciful Lord with this retablo for he found his astray daughter who went prostituting herself. They reconciled and she came back on the right track.

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The old man Felipe Suarez wanted to go after young chicks and took three viagras. He got it so hard, he had to go to the hospital. He thanks Saint Augustine for his cock didn’t explode and promises to not go crazy with prostitutes.

Rita Perez thanks the Virgin for she earns enough money to support her kids.

Merced, Mexico City

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E. P. went to a whorehouse and used there the Crazy Lola’s services who rode him so hard that she broke his penis. He thanks Saint Bruno with the present retablo for his recovery and promises to not visit such places anymore.

Thank you, Virgin, for me being a prostitute and having money.

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Julieta Morales was fired from the brothel for not being sexy anymore because her breasts got very large. However, she managed to find a stack of clients who love being suffocated by her breasts. She thanks Saint Helen with this retablo because she’s doing pretty good.

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Since we needed money so badly, I decided—after noticing that the prostitutes from the Rosales street earned quite a good money—to try this thing. I put on a blouse in which I looked very beautiful, took my sister’s skirt, borrowed high heels shoes and went to the Rosales street. First, a horrible drunk old man hit on me. He wanted me to go with him but I ran from him. Then came the police and tried to put us in jail, but I managed to escape. I thank Saint Raymond, and I suppose it’s better to work in a bakery.

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March 14, 1965, I saw my husband coming out of a bar with a woman of bad reputation. I felt very hurt, and my husband promised me to not go out with other women. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because he is keeping his word.

May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for I found my daughter and didn’t let her to become a bad woman. Now she studies.

Merced, Mexico City – December 12, 1960