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Christopher Swiggum pays to the Virgin of Guadalupe with this retablo because, after many efforts, I managed to finish my studies in Edgewood College which is the school of evil because it cost me a lot to finish it.

July 10, 2020

My eternal gratitude to Saint Charbel for hearing my prayers and making so that my three sons—the Salazar brothers—have finished their studies and got degrees despite the fact that they were always in the town mezcaleria-bar.

Concha Vega, Salazar widow

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I’m a high preparatory school math teacher, and I had a student who was flirting with me so that I would give her good grades because she was a bad student. I thank Saint Thomas Aquinas for the principal gave me another class because the girl began to wear daring clothes and harass me which could bring me professional problems and with my wife as well.

Rafael Barrios ~ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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BUAP — Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla)

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Holy Lord of Chalma, I ofer you this retablo for my son Emmanuel Espin by father and Pineda by mother would finish his studies this year and begin to work. His parents, brothers, friends, teachers and relatives we all insistently part to you because we miss him.


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Sarasvati, goddess of knowledge, I beg you, please, help me to get good results at my exams and at other subjects as well.

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Lord of Villaseca, thank you for the time of studying, that you’ve given me a degree, and for giving health to me and all my family, and for supporting me in my studies.

Lord of Villaseca, I beg you, from the heart, to enlighten me and to keep giving me strength to move forward. I ask you, please, take care and look after my whole family. Thank you, Lord of Villaseca.

Guadalupe Rivera Gutierrez
Friday, October 30, 1987
Nuevo Paseo, San Agustín, Mexico

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My family members criticize me for studying philosophy in the university for more than 15 years. I thank Saint Jerome for there is this wonderful magic weed that helps me to understand the philosophic concepts. I don’t care what people say and I don’t care about studying so long because with these trips I’ll become the greatest philosopher of the new millennium.


I finished my university studies as a lawyer. But few months passed by and I couldn’t find a job. Then I agreed to work as a clown at children parties because of my financial needs. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Martin the Cavalryman because I’ve finally found a job I studied for, since my every encounter with mischievous and uneducated children was a nightmare.

Clown Littletickle \ Campeche, Mexico

Saint Charbel, thank you for your deeds. I thank for helping out to my daughter to go on studying. I had to become a prostitute after my husband left us and I got an accident at work. I accidentally put my hand in a die and lost my arm. They had to give me a prosthesis. I thank for my daughter has finished nursing school.

Faustina Flores
Mexico City, 1964

To the Virgin of Guadalupe I give thanks for having recovered my first place in the school that I had lost since Juanita came, but now I’m the best once again.

March 5, 1967

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My Pepito was a very naughty boy. He didn’t like to study at all. His teacher couldn’t stand him and was about to expel him from the elementary school. I thank Saint John Bosco because my boy changed a lot. Now he’s studying. Al least he scored 6 points in the exam, so he might pass to another grade, after three attempts.

Jacinta Rodriguez / Tlaxcala

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My sister and I went to the capital to study in the university but we needed money to cover our expenses. We took advantage of our beauty and started working as dancers in a night club where the pay is very good. We thank Saint Bruno for our parents don’t know about it because they would get angry and make us return to the village.

Josefina and Raquel S. ~ Guadalajara, Jalisco

Francisco Cahuc thanks wholeheartedly for having finished his studies and beginning his professional career. He offers this retablo to the Holy Lord Protector to whom he had entrusted himself.

Mexico, January 2019

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