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Andrew fell off the front of the Pride float and was nearly crushed under it. He gives infinite thanks to the Blessed Divine for the handsome man who grabbed him and saved his life was also into latex. They started dating and after nearly ten years they are getting married in 2020.

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Nicandro Malfabon was a macho but he fell in love with his stable boy. He asked Saint Francis of Assisi to release him from this feeling or make so that the young man return his love to him. And he took him to his house.

October 1979, Cuquio, Jalisco
Nicandro Malfabon

I, Zuleyma Nava, pay with this exvoto thanking for my Piolo stopped whoring and taking bath and jerking his weener with his friend Cholo. I pay with this in gratitude for fulfilling my request. Thanks.

Mexico City, 1989

Forgive me, Saint Jude, for cheating on Lalo with the milkman but I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Luigi Ocampo

Rogelio Dominguez fell a victim of a crazy maniac who fell in love with me in the office and tricked me to get to his house where he tied and beat me.

Mexico, March 19, 1987

When I came to the city to study in the university I didn’t have enough money to pay rent by myself alone. I found out that one girl, my fellow student, was looking for a girl neighbor to share an apartment with. Then I got an idea to tell her that I’m a gay so she would accept me. I give thanks to Saint Patrick because she didn’t find out that I’m a heterosexual so I could enjoy looking at her almost naked for she is very beautiful.

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Thank you, Saint Jude, for giving me the luck of becoming the queen of the gay community.

Monico Perez

«I’m a father proud of having a gay son».
«I’m valued as a person, not for my preferences».

Saint Sebastian, thank you because my father supports me and accepts me as I am. He understands and respects my relationship with Julian, and thanks to him I have the courage and peace to live my life and do not care what people think about me.

Saul the Cute
Olivar del Conde, Mexico City
July 6, 2019, March № 41

Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for having a happy home and a nice partner. I used to live with a partner who was putting horns on me and didn’t help me at all. However, it’s all different with Adrian. When he comes from work—he returns earlier than me—he does cooking and cleaning. I’m so in love with him for that, and he’s also very sweet and loving with me.

Celso Lara, Mexico City, 1965

I put Saint Anthony head down to make him work a miracle of getting me a boyfriend. Then I met Bryan in Tinder, and to this day we are very happy thanks to Saint Anthony.

Yours sincerely El Charly
CDMX 17/3/2017

Simetrio Enrique Fuentes dedicates this retablo because my wife Susana caught me in the bath with my gay martian boyfriend and hit us with a stick.

Mexico, March 1980

I’m very happy that Roberto let me live in this apartment showing me how much he loves me, although having discovered that I’m not a woman but gay. We live very happy without hiding our relationship. I asked a lot Saint Sebastian, saint whom I’m devoted to. He understands us and I will live eternally grateful to him.

The Dove — Mexico City, 1990

Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you for helping me solve my problems. I noticed strange behavior in my husband. He began to dress up and put perfume on, and every third day he went out telling me he was going to see his mom. He knew that I don’t talk with his mom and he thought I wouldn’t go to look for him at her house. So one night I followed him. I imagined he’d sneak in some brothel that we have in four blocks from my house. But what a surprise I had—he was hugging and kissing another man. That I couldn’t stand and I kicked him out because he turned to be a faggot.

Rebeca Moreno
Mexico City, 1959