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Miraculous Holy Child of Atocha, I dedicate you this exvoto for letting me be happy. I, Roberto Pilar H., am a faggot, and since I was a little boy I loved men. Now I found love with Carlos A., and we live together.

Coyoacan, April 13, 1975

I dedicate this to Juan Diego because Miguel stayed in my apartment to live with me and go on with our relationship without being afraid what his family—which is very opposed to it—would say. He made his mind when I proposed him, and now we are happy together.

Raymundo Cuevas
Col. Condesa, Mexico City, February 14, 1990

Pedro and Juan love each other and are very happy. Thanks, Virgin, we are very happy.

Mexico, November 21, 1998

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We are very happy together and thank the Virgin for having united us.

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Hector Alberto and Felipe Pineda pay with this retablo giving thanks to the Souls of the Purgatory because we are so faggot and happy and quite crazy. Viva el Amor!

Pedro and Lalo Cruz are very happy and love each other. Thanks, Virgin.

21–II–90, Puebla, Mexico

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I secretly meet with Juan in an alley. Look after us, Virgin.

Saul, 1971

Saint Sebastian, thank you for my family, for they are so kind, cool and awesome guys who respect and support my decisions. Bless them so they could keep on celebrating this joy with me.

Oscar Espinosa Garcia
Mexico City, November 10, 2017

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San Juanita, I beg you so that Juan, my friend from the plantation, wouldn’t reject me because my love is sincere.

Gabriel Dominguez R.

I offer this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because my Pedro returned to me. He had dumped me for a woman, but I asked you very much for the miracle, and now we are together and very happy.

Pedro & Julian, February 14, 1976

I, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, pay with this exvoto to the Holy Heart giving infinite thanks for I’m such a whore and live crazy and don’t care what the people say.

Macuspana, 1982

It was very hard for me to live in the country because I felt that I was different but my family and friends didn’t understand me. I thank Saint Marta for giving me courage to go to the city and there I could develop my personality. Now I’m a successful stylist, and I’m proud of my sexual preferences.

Inocencio Pascual ~ Michoacan, Mexico

Andrew fell off the front of the Pride float and was nearly crushed under it. He gives infinite thanks to the Blessed Divine for the handsome man who grabbed him and saved his life was also into latex. They started dating and after nearly ten years they are getting married in 2020.

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