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Lucio and Pedro dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because Raul didn’t found out that we cheated on him after coming back from the gym. I’m very sorry and ask forgiveness for such a dirty trick, and I promise to make him happy.

La Roma, Mexico City, 2018

Guillermo Torres give thanks to Saint Anthony for helping him to find his true love with Erick Joan who in three months showed him that he can cook very deliciously. God forgives him for being faggots but he asks to let them be happy for many years.

Villa de Cortes, August 30, 2021

They didn’t accept me in the village for being gay. So I decided to go to the city. But I had no money, and I didn’t know anyone there. I thank Saint Sebastian who send good people on my path. They give me food and shelter. Although I had to devote myself to prostitution for several years, thanks to that I managed to do surgery and also paid my studies. Now I lead a quiet life, I had a good job and enjoy my identity as a woman.

Saint Francis, thank you for your favors. I remember when I met Damian he was a very timid boy. I told him that he has a baby-face, but it turned out that he was the same age as me. He was very shy, and when I talked with him he went beet red. One time some University fellows invited us to a party. Most of them brought their girlfriends. Damian asked me why I didn’t bring mine. I told him that I don’t like women. Then he said “What a coincidence, neither do I”. That’s how we became a couple. I thank for having fallen in love.

Osvaldo Gomez, 1966

We, Alahn Santiago and Marco Luis Mendez, pay with this retablo giving thanks for we love each other immensely and live happily in our house, in spite of other people’s prejudices about us. However, it didn’t prevent us from living our love.

Mexico City, 2021

I’m infinitely thankful to Saint Sebastian and dedicate him this retablo for the miracle that Ray moved to live with me, and I’m on cloud nine with him. When he was thinking to go abroad, I though I’d never see him again. I implored you, because we love each other, and he decided to stay here. I will support him in everything because he understands me and I understand him. We are happy and live for each other.

Mexico City, February 14, 1968

Infinite Thanks to Saint Leasa Mann, who offered to pay the bills of strangers who were struggling because they’d lost shifts or work during Covid. She doesn’t know this but because of her help, I was able to stay in my supportive queer sharehouse, instead of having to move back to country Victoria with my parents, & back into a deep dark closet.

Please paint me clubbing with lots of tattoos, because they are the first two things I’m going to do when lockdown is over.

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I am thankful to the Blessed Genius who invented Bunnings. These Australian hardware stores have become de facto quee clubs for DIY queers, especially lesbians, to meet each other. On any given weekend the inner Melbourne Bunnings are teeming with cute bitches & masc sorts ogling the power tools, & handsome types lining up for their Bunnings sausages (not a euphemism). It really is homo heaven.

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I thank Saint Jude who gave me courage to come out of the closet.

Fito Fella

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Miraculous Holy Child of Atocha, I dedicate you this exvoto for letting me be happy. I, Roberto Pilar H., am a faggot, and since I was a little boy I loved men. Now I found love with Carlos A., and we live together.

Coyoacan, April 13, 1975

I dedicate this to Juan Diego because Miguel stayed in my apartment to live with me and go on with our relationship without being afraid what his family—which is very opposed to it—would say. He made his mind when I proposed him, and now we are happy together.

Raymundo Cuevas
Col. Condesa, Mexico City, February 14, 1990

Pedro and Juan love each other and are very happy. Thanks, Virgin, we are very happy.

Mexico, November 21, 1998

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We are very happy together and thank the Virgin for having united us.

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