Rafael Rodriguez Contreras

Paulino Contreras caught his old-lady Hilda in bed with a martian and forgave them. Now the martian supports us, and we are very happy.

Mexico, 1970

Marcos Urieta’s wife cheated on him with his friend. He did nothing to those two but threw them out naked in the street.

Mexico, 1979

I, Atilano Ramirez, give thanks because I escaped from the attack of a three-headed crocodile.

Tabasco, July 10, 1939

A black bow fly came to my house together with a skeleton. Thanks for they are friendly.

Puebla, March 18, 1940

Eufrocina Salazar thanks for not getting stuck in the trip when she took an overdose.

Mexico, July 19, 1958

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Epifanio Calles gives thanks with this retablo because Evangelina Lopez, the most chubby girls of the neighborhood, responded to my love, and I thank.

Mexico, February 14, 1962

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A martian got in Margarito Ruiz’ house. Margarito gave him a head-butt like a ram and knocked the martian down.

Mexico, March 29, 1979

Miraculous Holy Child of Atocha, I dedicate you this exvoto for letting me be happy. I, Roberto Pilar H., am a faggot, and since I was a little boy I loved men. Now I found love with Carlos A., and we live together.

Coyoacan, April 13, 1975

Thanks, Souls of the Purgatory, for Roberto didn’t notice Sancho who hid well under the bed. I, Barbara Reyes, give infinite thanks for he didn’t see him.

Mexico, August 5, 1980

I give thanks to you because my friend zebra Pancha is with me. I thank with this retablo.

Nancy, Mexico, July 26, 2020

Venito Huerta almost died from fear when a two-headed skeleton chased me.

Tlaxcala, April 10, 1939

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Rogelio Dominguez fell a victim of a crazy maniac whom I fell in love with in the office. He tricked me to get to his house where he tied and beat me.

Mexico, March 19, 1987

One night a pretty big gorilla got into Hilda Hurtado’s room, and she almost died from fright.

Mexico, January 22, 1974

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