Rafael Rodriguez Contreras

Pacomio Jimenez thanks for being saved when mermaids-skeletons scared him and almost drowned him.

Veracruz, August 11, 1942

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Severino Rodriguez faced a martian who got into his room and defended my woman Gretta with a head-butt.

Mexico — December 9, 1980

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from my old lady Petronila’s machete, when she furiously attacked me, because I hadn’t been at home for four days, drinking pulque with my buddy El Chipujas. My old lady came and started swinging machete.

October 10, 1930

Domitilo Esparanza and Ortencia Carraza thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for curing me from a cold in my bones.

Pachuquilla, March 3, 1937

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We thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for helping us to get to the United States when we were crossing Rio Bravo. The current was strong, and the river was dragging us so we couldn’t swim. But you helped us, and we got to USA to find job and earn some money to live.

The Martinez family
Los Angeles, California, July 20, 1940

Thank you, The Holy Child of Atocha, because this cuckold my old man Isabelo Recendiz didn’t notice Sancho under the bed. He wanted to kill him but, because he is cross-eyed, he didn’t see him. I, Norma Nava R., give thanks for it with this ex-voto.

Mexico, 27 October 1980

Jasinto Perez loved to dance with my pig Casilda every morning. But she stepped on my callus so I can’t dance anymore.

Toluca, August 23, 1939

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*** Vargas and his wife Evarista Ramirez almost turned their toes up when their friend Macarias put on a skeleton outfit, got in the mask shop and yelled at them.

Guanajuato, June 24, 1938

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Miraculous Child of Atocha, I pay you back with this retablo for protecting me from the devil who appeared on my way, but you chased him away. Thank you.

Casildo Villa
Puebla, on July 9, 1939

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Vulmaro Ramirez thanks with this retablo for saving him from the attack of the crocodile girl who got in my house and scared me.

Mexico, July 11, 1974

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I, Timoteo Rodriguez Garcia, and his relatives dedicate this retablo because we almost drown in the strong current trying to cross the Rio Bravo following the American Dream before Donald Trump would build the wall. Crazy fucked up gringo, racist, ku-klux-klan, his whole country is Mexico, bald fatso. Long live the Mexican workers!

Los Angeles, California
June 18, 2017

Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate you this ex-voto. I fell of the train, but nothing serious happened. Jasinto Robledo gives thanks.

Zacatecas, 6th November, 1939

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Thank you, Saint Sebastian, for helping us in our relationship. It’s tough because our families are against our love. Amapola Ruiz and Enriqueta Vazquez give thanks.

Mexico, 4th April, 1990