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Our donkey on which we were carrying oranges to the town for selling fell down the cliff and couldn’t climb back by itself. We thank the Holy Child of Atocha for giving us—to me and my children—extraordinary strength to pull the donkey up and save him. Besides, we love him very much and he’s like our family member.

I always enjoyed the speed and strong emotions. But then I got in a terrible crash on my motorcycle. I suffered multiple fractures and spent several weeks in the hospital. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Barbara thanking her for that crash because that way I met a gorgeous nurse who made my recovery very pleasant. Now, when I’m recovered I’ve even invited her to go dancing.

Ricardo Salas \ Merida, Yucatan

Agustin Aguilar was connecting a radio antenna when a strong blow of the wind made him fell down. He thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because his fractures have been healed and he can walk again, although he still has pains in the spine.

Today I’d like to thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras because I’m completely recovered after being hit by a car in 1950.

October 2009
Maria Jose Alpuquerque
São Bernardo do Campo, SP

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Jose Sanchez saw an UFO at 6 a.m. in his hometown Zihuatanejo. The UFO crashed into a mountain on high speed. 9:30 a.m., others similar UFOs were flying around. They were looking for their lost mate from which remained nothing. I thank the Holy Trinity for protecting me from anything bad and bring this retablo.

Acapulco, July 30, 1977

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1939, Rancho de la Rosa, Puebla, my son and his horse fell, and he badly injured his hip bones. He thanks Saint Pancras that the artist Frida came and helped to cover the expenses of his treatment.

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My boyfriend left me and went to another woman. I was depressed. I was going along the cliff and thinking to jump to the sea so I could end with this love pain. I was looking down at the waves crushing on the rocks and suddenly I slipped and fell down. While falling I realized that I definitely don’t want to die and no men is worth to be smashed over rocks because of him. I implored the Virgin of Zapopan and fell into the sea between the rocks. I could swim out. I thank for this miracle because now I could love again and find someone who’s better then that one who dumped me.

The young man Enrique Lozano accidentally shot an arrow in the buttock of his neighbor. He thanks Saint James because the wound wasn’t very serious and he was forgiven. He promises to be more careful.

Aurelio Madero, the bassist of the rock band “The Guerrillas of Rock”, got his hair on fire at the end of a gig when the sparklers at the end of his guitar exploded. He was very frightened. He thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for his face didn’t burn and he just lost his full head of hair.

Tecate, Baja California

I thank the Virgin of San Juan for delivering me from death when my truck’s brakes went out in a turn. I entrusted myself to you in such misfortune, and now I’m very thankful.

Fransisco Lopez, Jalisco, 1992

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Mariquita Robledo enjoyed hitting the kids with her stick when they made noise. But one day she ran into a stubborn boy who respond her with throwing a stone at her and hitting her in the head. Mariquita thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for her recovery and promises to be kinder.

Virgin of Guadalupe, we dedicate this retablo to you for surviving after trying to cross the railroads before the approaching train. Finding ourselves in such disgrace we entrusted ourselves to you and managed to escape from the car. We thank you.

Federico and Luisa, 1969

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I thank the Lord of Villaseca for I found my son Ramon after the mine had been collapsed. I also thank because he recovered quickly after that accident.

July 4, 1948

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