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The jockey Alberto Chavez fell off his horse during a race, and another horse ran over him. He was in bad condition. He implored the Holy Child of Atocha and got completely recovered. He thanks for that.

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Higinio Rojas was installing an antenna on the roof of his new house when he was struck by a lighting. He thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for he wasn’t fried with it but got just few burns.

The girl Domitila Ruiz fell into quicksand by accident. She infinitely thanks the Virgin of the Solitude because her brother heard her and saved her with the help of a stick.

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I was going to a job interview in a very important company, so I put my best suit on. While I was waiting at the bus stop I didn’t pay attention to a puddle near it, and when a car passed by at high speed it splashed me all over. I thank Saint Maroun because they were understanding in the company and valued my knowledge and not my appearance and they gave me a job.

Jeronimo Abascal \ Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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Dominga Zepeda accidentally got her hair on fire during a torrito run at the San Miguel Canoa town holiday. She thanks Saint Michael Archangel because her hair have grown back and nothing serious happened.

The night of August 15, 1930, I was coming back to Zacatecas. While crossing a river, I was dragged by the current from a saddle and carried away. I was afraid to die drowning and prayed the Holy Child of Atocha. My horse saved me and dragged me to the shore. With this retablo, I testimony this miracle and ask to bless my horse for her loyalty.

Gumaro from Fresnillo, Zacatecas

Joaquin Mendez came home and found his dog almost suffocating between the harp’s strings. He entrusted the dog to Saint Anthony the Great and now obrings this retablo thanking for managing to save it.

Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate this retablo to your honor because my spine is alright. I injured it when the horse fell on me. I thank for staying well.

Ramon Luna – Jalisco, 1945

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It was a miracle by Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras who helped me out when I fell off the horse which was scared by a snake.

Cicero Eucebio Reis
Paulo Jasinto, Alagoas, October 2010

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The boy Alberto Ramirez was playing under the bus, and when it started to move it almost smashed the boy. Alberto thanks Saint Nicholas with this retablo for protecting him and promises not to be so silly.

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Night of August 21, 1918, I was sleeping with my baby, and a fire broke out. A burning beam fell on us but I managed to get through the flames with my baby. The Virgin of Guadalupe saved us, and I bring her this retablo.

I stopped at the Retoño Mansion. 11 p.m., I was peacefully sleeping with my baby-girl when a big fire that took all the house woke us up. Although I wasn’t feeling well because of shock and fright, I managed to get out without burns. It was a real miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe whom I entrusted myself that desperate moment.

February 14, 1918
Demetria Luna

The neighbor cat came to sit at the wall fence with her kittens. My daughter took a chair and climbed the wall to play with them. While playing, Juanita lost her equilibrium and fell on the broken pot. She cut her arm and leg. Seeing her all in blood, I prayed the Holy Child the Savior for help. Thanks to him the cuts weren’t so deep so there was no need for stitches.