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The young man Rodolfo Palasios was hit unconscious in an American football game. His mother thanks the Child of Atocha for his recovery.

Carolina Telles enjoyed very much to strip dance. One day she was so emotionally involved in her act, she his her head and broke her neck. She prayed to Saint Raymond and recovered quickly. She thanks for that.

A miracle by Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras of saving Joelson and Maria Eduarda in a motorcycle accident.

December 2010
Recife, Pe

Thank you, the Virgin of the Solitude, for saving me from dying on August 28, when I was hit by a current while checking a transformer at my neighborhood.

Jose Manuel Espinosa
Mexico City — 3th September 2002

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Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for saving me from dying when the trapeze rope broke. In that dangerous moment I entered myself to you, and now I’m thanking you.

Paula Guzman
June 19, 1994

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Eugenia Alvarez was practicing on uneven bars and flew off them falling down pretty badly. She brings this retablo to Saint Thomas thanking him for the recovery, although she had to leave the gymnastics.

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There was a fire in the circus. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because there was a horse tied to near me, so I rode it and escaped from the fire carrying my children. We went through the flames without burning ourselves. Nobody died in the fire, we just lost our materials, but the circus has an insurance which will cover it.

When I was going to the town to sell oranges, my donkey and I fell into a pit. I couldn’t move, and I thought I would die there, at the bottom of a dark pit. I began to pray the Virgin of Zapopan, and some time later a shepherd was walking by with his goats. He heard my screams and came to save us. I thank the Virgin because nor I, nor my donkey got hurt.

We were coming back after visiting the grand-mother Ramona who lives up in the mountains, and we ran into a skunk that scared my horse so she threw off me and my baby. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because we didn’t fell on the rocks but on the ground and didn’t get hurt.

My kitten Pepe is my only company because I didn’t marry and have no kids. That’s why, the other day when we had a fire in the building, I was very much preoccupied since I was outside and couldn’t get in and save him. I thank Saint Francis of Assisi for a brave firefighter risked his own life to save my kitten who is everything for me. May he be blessed.

Socorro Montejo
Zacatecas, Mexico

When Martina Gutierrez was chatting with her friend Graciela, a flowerpot fell on her head. It was pushed from the roof by a cat. After the blow Martina began to see double and blurred. She was frightened that she might go blind, and she entrusted herself to Saint Lucy. The saint heard her prayers, and few days later Martina was back to see normally again. She dedicated this retablo as gratitude.

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I was carrying my oranges to the town to sell them. But I got a bad idea to ride the donkey. Since I’m slightly fat, plus the weight of the oranges, the ground and the donkey’s legs couldn’t bear it. We fell on the slope from the hill which is very steep. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because we fell down some bushes and I didn’t brake any bones, nor did my donkey. The oranges got smashed but I borrowed a bucket and made juice from them. In that way I even made more money than with the whole fruits.

I dedicate this retablo to the always Holy Virgin of Guadalupe. The Night of the Dead, I was glad I’d been able to collect some money to put up my altar with lot of offerings, including even mole and pulque. At the last moment, a sparkle fell on me and I was taken by fire immediately, but thanks to the Virgin’s intervention nothing happened.

Eulalia Garcia