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Alonso gives infinite thanks to the Holy Child of Atocha for saving his life when the brakes in his truck failed on the way to Cuernavaca. He thanks for this favor and asks, with all his heart, to bless his way.

January 25, 1985

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Angelica X was a stripper, and she liked to perform with a boa. But one day it almost choked her. She thanks Saint Francis with this retablo for she was saved in time and promises to leave this profession.

April 9, 1968, the house of Maria Perez got on fire. She thanks the Holy Virgin of San Juan for no-one from her family was hurt and they even managed to save some things.

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Mr. Joaquin was very rude to his neighbors, One day they put a rocket in his postbox. He thanks the Virgin of the Solitude with this retablo for he didn’t get injured and promises to be more polite with everyone.

Serapio Papaqui thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for letting him to keep dancing as hue hue at this year carnival. Last year he accidentally shot himself with carbine and almost died. He was afraid they wouldn’t let him to participate at the carnival after that accident and it’s been his family tradition for many years.

Huejotzingo, Puebla

Genoveva Campos was performing a typical regional dance and fell off the stage. She thanks Saint Pancras with this retablo for not breaking her bones. She only felt little bit embarrassed.

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I give you my thanks, Virgin of the Solitude. Thanks to your mercy I was saved. I fell while surfing. I was covered by the big wave and lost my conscious. But thanks to the Virgin’s miracle I was saved in time and I avoided terrible consequences.

Augusto Peña Aragon
Zicatela, Oaxaca, August 10, 1969

Sr. Pedro thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because he stepped away in time when a pot with liquid metal flipped over. He asked the Virgin to protect him and his coworkers from the factory.

Tasco, Guerrero
January 13, 1993

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Virgin of Juquila, thank you for your help, for saving my brother when he fell into a river and was almost bitten by a caiman.

Teodoro Puebla Lima — November, 19, 1947

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Enrique Martinez was watching soccer with his lady. He was going mad and almost died chocking on a peanut. He thanks Saint Juan Bosch with this retablo because his wife knew about first aid and saved him.

Señor Alberto thanks the Virgin of Sorrows for not losing his arm when he cut himself while butchering meat in his shop. He brings this retablo as his gratitude for this favor.

January 25, 1999
Tacubaya, Mexico City

At a volleyball match, Catalino Fernandez hit his coccyx. It was very painful. He thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for he’s got healed and is back again to play volleyball.

Monterrey, 1950

Virgin of San Juan, thank you for saving me from the death when I fell off the camel trying my luck. I thank you for that.

Julietta Molina «The Indomitable»
April 30, 1995

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