Virgin of Juquila

Virgen de Juquila

We thank you, Virgin of Juquila, for saving us and the bus from falling down the cliff.

Jasinto and Toño, Oaxaca, Mexico, 196*

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Señorita Francisca Cruz thanks the Virgin of Juquila, with this little humble retablo, for giving her the talent of making tehuana blouses and dresses. Locals are buying them for the traditional dances, and they are also valued among domestic and foreign tourists.

Juchitan, Oaxaca

Señora Raquel Cervantes brings this retablo, with fervent devotion, to the Virgin of Juquila thanking her for she was able to buy a diamond ring on the inheritance left by her late husband, and she even thinks to go to Europe.

Virgin of Juquila, I thank you for giving me strength I needed to win this race. I was trying so hard.

Odilon Cortez, May 18, 1960

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Thanks, Virgin of Juquila, for I was able to rebuild my life after coming out of jail.

Abel Templos

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San Luis Potosi, 31-12-1960

Virgin of Juquila, I thank you for protecting me on the New Year’s night when a thief broke into my apartment. The most valuable thing I had was my saxophone, but he didn’t know that it was under my bed. The thief had enough time to take out everything, and I slept like a log. But he didn’t know that a neighbor noticed him in a window. Thanks to the Virgin, the police caught him and I got my things back.

Vicente Lucas

A young man Ceferino Fernandez and his mom had a lot of financial problems. He entrusted himself to the Virgin of Juquila whom he gives infinite thanks because they started a sewing business and supported themselves with it.

Pedro Flores had a pulque bar, and there was one rogue who had robbed his place. Pedro entrusted himself to the Virgin of Juquila, and, when the assailant came back again with a machete, he and his friend were waiting for him with pistols. The bastard ran away and never came back. Pedro gives infinite thanks for that.

Puebla, 1917

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I thank the Miraculous Virgin of Juquila because she delivered me from a pain in my legs and I’m walking again.

Juan Felix

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I’m infinitely grateful to the Holy Virgin of Juquila for protecting me each time I go to the town to well my birds. In this manner I support y family, and I dedicate her this humble retablo.

Zeferino Lopez, Teziutlan, Puebla

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Thanks to the Holy Virgin of Juquila for saving me so I wasn’t infected with COVID-19 and STD when I forgot a condom.

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Chavelita Robledo became a widow. In order to cover the funeral spendings, she began selling hojaldras pastries at the cemetery. The things went very well, and she thanks the Virgin of Juquila with the present retablo for such good luck.

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Miraculous Virgin of Juquila, thank you for my horse’s broken leg got recovered.

Matias Lopez

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