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Eusebia Maldonado was sick with fever, and many little red devils came to her. They climbed to Eusebia’s bed and pricked her with their tridents. She though she was going to die and the devils came to take her to hell. Although she had sinned, she didn’t think she’d sinned so much to suffer this harassment from the devils. She prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for protection, and the Virgin appeared in her splendor and scared the devils away. They left Eusebia in peace and ran back to hell.

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I dedicate this humble retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe with eternal gratitude for saving the life of my son Manuel. He worked as a waiter in a restaurant in the World Trade Center, but on that September 11 he woke up sick and didn’t go to the work. Thanks to this miracle the Virgin saved him for me. My mother, I ask you for eternal rest for those innocent souls who died on that tragic day.

Socorro Alvarez

I thank Saint Quteria of Frexeiras for curing my daughter from constant faints.

Terezinha C. de Matos
Maceio, Al, 11-05-1998

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I prepared some delicious food for the diner because my husband’s boss and his wife were invited. But then some damned squirrels got into the house through the window and ate everything. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the dinner was canceled since the boss’ youngest son got sick with mumps.

Anselma Guediana got her leg, elbow, stomach, lungs, kidneys, throat, arms and eyes sick. No finding remedy that would help, she offered a retablo to the Lord of the Hospital of Toluca. When she brought it to the church, the Lord sent her a relief. She was healed and made this retablo with the Crucified Christ.

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for curing my two cows.

Leonel Pereira da Silva – Lagoa do Ouro, PE 12-10-07

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My son Paquito had a fever. He had hallucinations with skeletons that were flying around him. They laughed and wanted to take him with them. I was scared and I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan, so she would bring down his temperature. Finally she heard my prayers. Carlitos had no more fever and even started to eat. I give thanks to the Holy Virgin.

My daughters, instead of sleeping, secretly went to look on the newborn calf. When they came to the corral they saw the ghost of the Weeping Woman who started to chase them. They ran to the house and got sick with fear. For the next two days they were sharing and having nightmares. I prayed the Virgin of the Rosary, and she worked a miracle. Their fear has gone, and the girls sleep well now.

Domitilo Esparanza and Ortencia Carraza thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for curing me from a cold in my bones.

Pachuquilla, March 3, 1937

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There was a bad plague hitting my agaves, and many of my plants were dying. I was so distressed I implored Saint Isidor Labourer to save my plants. Few days later all my agaves were cured. Now they give a lot of pulque. I give thanks for such a great miracle.

Higinio Valencia, Jalisco, 1952

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Holy Mother Virgin of Guadalupe, may you be blessed for curing my rheumatism so I can go back to work with my flowers here in Xochimilco. When no remedy would help me I prayed to you, and you cured me.

Merejildo, local of this town
December 12, 1990

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Rosa Martinez had high fever for three days. She saw monsters made of transparent jelly. They wanted to devour her and opened their mouths that went to nowhere. Rosa thanks the Virgin of Zapopan for her temperature went down and she don’t have these horrible nightmares anymore.

In the municipality of Queretaro, Luisa Gomez got sick with a severe pain in her stomach after giving birth. She was given medicine but it wouldn’t help. Then she entrusted herself to the image of the Lord of Anxieties and recovered shortly after that.

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