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It happened so that miserable coronabitch got into my little daughter’s house. Thanks, Virgin, for she didn’t have it very bad and for she has her kitten Jose Jose who keeps her a company and her roomie who looks after her. I send her my blessings and my prayers from far away (although, she’s not a believer) and I hope to hug her as soon as she completely recovered.

Happened so that in June, in the municipality of Chignahuapan, Puebla, an epidemic broke out among señor Hilario Sanchez’ animals. Finding himself in such distress, he asked, with all his heart, Saint Anthony the Great to not let the animals die. In few days they were cured. He dedicates this humble retablo for such a great miracle.

Jasinto and Pascual Martinez love to go to drink in the abandoned house behind the bridge. But on October 17, 1963, they had a horrible experience there, when a headless bride appeared to them. They got sick out of fear and were cured only by praying to the Virgin of Zapopan. They promised to drink less.

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Roberta Barrales brings the present retablo, with great devotion, to the Virgin of San Juan thanking her because her friend Frida the painter had an improvement in her illness.

Mexico, 1945

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Spheres fell down from the sky, and I got cured from my illness.

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Blessed Christ, stop and end this damned coronavirus pandemic that has caused so much damage. Deliver us from the evil here on earth and in the heaven as well. Let us earn our daily bread and live our life without forgetting those who have died. I beg you for those who stay here and for the entire world. A humble neighborhood painter Alfredo Vilchis Roque asks you.

Corner of the miracles, Minas de Cristo, Mexico City
July 20, 2020, From Mexico to the World

Once I had a sore throat. I treated it with rinses and medicine for a long time. However the bump on my tonsils didn’t go away but swelled out more. Finally, I went to the doctor. I’ll never forget his eyes when he pulled an oat grain with 2 cm roots out of my throat! I thank my guardian angel for not letting oat head up in my throat.

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I’m going to thank Our Lady of the Solitude for sending me a cure from a horrible disease that I carelessly caught from a client. Finding myself in such a bad condition, I implored the Virgin, and now I’m back to work honestly as a whore at this corner that feeds me.

Julia Barrera — Merced, Mexico City, 2001

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I give my thanks to the Holy Lord of Chalma for giving me another chance after I had caught COVID-19 on the street. When I was in mortal danger I entrusted my health to you, and now I’m here to give thank for your favor.

Tomas R.
Cuajimalpa, Mexico City, May 12, 2020

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I bit a dieffenbachia’s branch while being drunk, because it bothered me. My mouth and lips got inflamed. I felt very bad and was sick for two weeks. But one month later, my dangerous mole dropped off. I thank my Angel for my recovery.

V. K.

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Ausencio gives infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma because his cow Pancha is safe after a strong foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the village that was killing all the animals. He thanks for that.

April 2, 1947, Mexico

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for looking after me and my family during this COVID-19 sanitary contingency and because those from us who got sick were able to get through, thanks to God and the Holy Virgin. Receive this exvoto painted by Espintla, with all his love.

Mexico, 2020

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Blessed God, I offer you this retablo for not letting me die when I drank that damned poison after having got an illness that looks like aids. I could’t stand the idea of dying from it, I got scared and that’s why I took this decision. But I was saved, and I was told the news that there’s a cure from my illness.

L. F. C. Yovana — Mexico City, 1980

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