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I was sick and was laying in the bed. One night, the Death came to my bedroom with the scythe, ready to take my life. I grabbed the crucifix to scare the Death, but he saw so many of them, he didn’t care. But my dog, however, seeing the bony legs and thinking that it was her dinner, ran joyfully for them. The Death got scared, ran away and never came back. Next morning I felt better. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for saving my life.

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Her son was 1 year and 13 days old and he got sick. No remedy, no natural medicine would help him. So she went to the Lord of the Column’s altar and asked a glass of holy water. She pour some of it in the baby’s mouth since he was already facing death. With the tears in her eyes, the mother asked for a favor and entrusted the dying child to the Lord while keeping pouring the holy water in him. Suddenly the baby woke up and moved his little hands. Holy water healed him. The mother brings this retablo as gratitude.

San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato

Sr. Faustino and his wife Maria give infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma because their pig kept her piglets. There was a strong epidemic in the village killing all the animals. For this favor they bring this ex-voto.

October 25, 1980
Villa del Carvon

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August 14, 1927, señor Encarnacion Tinoco fell gravely ill with tertian fever. No human remedy would help him, so he implored the Virgin of Guadalupe and got cured. He brings the present retablo as gratitude.

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Celerino Gomez was so gravely ill that the Death came to him on the night of January 12, 1965. But he entrusted himself to the Lord of Blue Eye, and when the Death came closer the Lord himself appeared in all brightness and scared the Death so much he ran away, and Celerino got cured.

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Happened so that in June, in the municipality of Chignahuapan, Puebla, an epidemic broke out among señor Honorio Sanzhez’ animals. Finding himself in such distress he asked Saint Francis of Assisi, with all his heart, to not let the animals die. In few days they were cured. He dedicates this humble retablo for such a great miracle.

The Day of the Dead, we went to see the altars made in the town for the dead. When we passing near by the cemetery wall we noticed a very elegant couple. When we get closer we saw in the lantern light that they were nicely dressed skeletons. We were so frightened, we got sick of fear. We thank the Holy Virgin for curing us.

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Virgin of San Juan, the clown Poco-Loco (“Slightly Crazy”) wants to thank you for the triumph of his show and because his elephant that was dying is alright now.

Mexico City, November 2, 2000

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Arturo Saldivar used to drink three liters of cherry pulque every day until he was diagnosed with diabetes. Arturo entrusted himself to Saint James and now thanks him with great devotion because the saint gave him the strength to resist the temptation of getting drunk.

My son Ramoncito Anaya got seriously sick with pneumonia and was at deaths’ door but the Virgin of Guadalupe miraculously saved him.

Maria R., February 21, 1981

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for healing me after few months of agony, pain and suffer.

Joao Victor de Araujo
10/08/06 – Aracaju, SE

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I thank the Holy Child of Atocha for curing my son from a horrible pneumonia.

Petra, Zacatecas
April 30, 1948

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I thank Christ of the Palm because when I was bedridden my friends arrived to perform an exorcism on me.

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