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Nayeli thanks the Holy Lord of Chalma for letting her to present, with great success, her act of juggling on her horse and for the opportunity given by the circus. She expresses her gratitude.

January 6, 1990

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I promised you if I’d come back to work in the circus I’d order you this retablo. Now, thanks to you, I’m giving you thanks and dedicate this performance to you, after an illness that kept me away from the circus, which is my passion, for more than a year.

The Flying cyclist, December 12, 1995
Mexico City, Long live the circus!

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Monso, a tamer by profession, thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for letting him successfully end his act after being attacked by his lion. He thanks for he managed to subdue the lion without anything bad happened, and he wholeheartedly asks to always protect him.

April 30, 1985

We were finishing to rise up the circus tent when suddenly the divine image of Saint Bartholomew miraculously appeared without anyone noticing where it came from. The strongmen of the Espintla circus testify what happened, with this exvoto.

Coatepec, 2000

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Susana Monroy, a bearded lady, wishes to wholeheartedly thank the Lord of Araro because she’s been performing in the Huandacareo circus for more over 20 years. Her children, all famous clowns and acrobats, were born here. She met her love here as well—the Taquito clown with whom she visited distant places of the Republic and Central America.

Huandacareo, Michoacan, 1967

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The Diarrhea twin brothers, acrobats, give their infinite gratitude to the Divine Child of Prague, with this retablo, for that day when they had a very wet diarrhea, and they climbed up the trapeze, and the Child miraculously stopped their wet shits. Shitting hemorrhoids.

Aguascalientes, 2006

The Umbrellas clown thanks Saint Genesius for that day when his leg went numb and the wire got so tense it broke. Fortunately, the Twisted clown who was passing near by took him upon himself so he didn’t even got hurt, and now they are inseparable.

Huamantla, Tlaxcala, 2011

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I, Anacleto Coloyo Meras, thank Saint Daniel for he got me out of gigolo and I’ve become a lion tamer.

Michoacan, Mexico, 1990

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I thank Saint Charbel because the day I fell from an air balloon, a Lebanese circus came to my town Tehuixtla, Morelos, and not only I was saved but could watch the show for free.

Casimiro Caigut Zerutik
October 7, 1930

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In 2018 James Eddy joined the circus as a funambulist. Funambulism is the skill of maintaining balance while walking along a tensioned wire between two anchored points. In order to perfect his skill James began to practice his high wire act atop craggy mountain tops blanketed in snow and shimmering blue ice. One morning he was as high as a kite when ice crystals suddenly formed on his wire causing him to lose his footing and descend into a deep canyon terminating into a fiery pit near the center of the earth. James was badly hurt and hardly able to walk on his own for more than a year. His situation became dire and he knew he was in too deep so he petitioned San Mateo Gonzalez, Esq. for assistance. Mateo summoned two of his search and rescue apostles, W. Leigh and M. Hinckley, and the team sprang into action. They crossed over the blue ice fields and scaled the craggy mountain peaks before calling out to James and throwing him a life-line. James was dazed and confused but he grabbed onto the rope and began his slow ascent out of the black hole and towards the light at the end of the deep tunnel. This retablo was offered in commemoration of his miracle.

San Francisco, California. 2020

I thank God and Saint Thomas Aquinas for I was removed from my bed to become the main grace of the circus. Because I was rescued like Rapunzel, now I have a job and I could get out of my depression showing that God loves everything that exists.

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My son Arturo tried to emulate the deeds of his father—Captain Danger. He prepared an act with a cannonball shot to his chest. I was afraid it was going to kill him or break all his ribs. I entrusted him to Saint Rita, and she protected him, and he had a great success with his act. Now he is inundated with offers from the best circuses.

July 12, 1955

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Almost all women in our family have beards. That’s why my sister and I grew up as circus freaks and married ugly men. We got tired of our destiny and began to perform as dancers. We shaved, we divorced, and we have great success. We thank the Virgin of San Juan.

Jalisco, 1962

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