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I infinitely thank Saint Anthony the Great with this humble retablo for the miracle of healing wounds of my rooster El Pinto. The Blue Rooster was fighting very bravely and hurt mine very bad. Few days later my rooster had to fight him again and this time he won. Now he’s a best rooster in the whole state.

Fortunato Anaya – Aguascalientes, 1954

I dedicate this retablo to Saint Francis of Assisi thanking him for saving my rooster Colorado. He came badly injured from a tough fight, and I was afraid he’d die. I’m very fond of him since he was a gift from my father.

Venustiano Peña ~ Aguascalientes, Mexico

I thank Saint Benedict with the present retablo because my husband’s secretary resigned. She was a very young and beautiful woman and she dressed very sexy and provocative. I was afraid my Rafael would give in to temptation. Now I feel much safer with the new secretary–a much more conservative woman.

Dolores Sotomayor \ Aguascalientes, Mexico

I thank Saint Ignatius of Loyola who helped me to acquire a new fumigator to kill all those damned beetles eating my entire harvest of candle tree fruits.

Aguascalientes, May 1972

As testimony of my eternal gratitude I thank Saint Michael the Archangel with the present retablo for keeping my rooster Valiente (Valiant) in good health. He made me win a lot of money fighting in the cockpits. And I have a special feeling for him since it was my father’s gift to me.

Venustiano Jimenez
Aguascalientes, Mexico

German Quiroga dedicates this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan thanking her for always protecting and supporting him when he enters the arena facing the angry bulls and risking his life. He thanks because it always ends well for him.

Aguascalientes, Mexico

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Our horse “El Potro” (The Colt) broke both his front legs. We entrusted him to Saint Anthony the Great, and thanks to his divine intervention—and to our care as well—he’s got recovered Now our old friend rans happily over the ranch, and we dedicate this retablo for that.

Epifanio & Don Remigio Contreras

I thank the Virgin of San Juan for the miraculous delivery from the danger of being killed by a horrible man.

Angela Gonzalez

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe. I came to Mexico City from Aguascalientes to become a matador. Two years later, I had a performance in a town in Guerrero. During the fight I stumbled and I fell right on the bull’s horn. It pierced through my ribs, I got head injury and brain concussion. I thank for my recovery.

Pedro Arreola
Aguascalientes, 1979

The Teodoro brothers and Lucio Garcia thanks Saint James the Apostle because they rooster El Giro won over the White Cock which had never lost a fight before. With the money they won they payed off their debts.

Aguascalientes, 1949

My rooster The Colorado had to fight with The White Cock. It was famous for being very fierce. I prayed to Saint Francis of Assisi so that nothing would happen with my rooster and he would survive the fight. No only he survived, but won the fight. Now my rooster is the best in the area. I dedicate this retablo for that.

Clemente Piña