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My kitchen was filled with cockroaches. I was spending days killing them but they didn’t end. Thanks to Saint Paschal Baylon a pair of hunting cats come here. They went to my kitchen and began to catch the cockroaches. And I put myself to some other, more nicer things. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Paschal for this miracle.

Rosa Maria Jimenez Baños

My son went to visit his grandfather in his village for a couple of days. He brought back a box full of the most disgusting creatures in the world. As soon as he opened the box, they ran out all around the house. I prayed Saint Francis for help because I didn’t want to find art or a spider in my bed. The saint made the miracle and chased all the creatures away, although my son got really upset they’d gone and he couldn’t find them.

I thank Saint Ignatius of Loyola who helped me to acquire a new fumigator to kill all those damned beetles eating my entire harvest of candle tree fruits.

Aguascalientes, May 1972

Gregorio Telles fell asleep under a tree. He woke up when a honeycomb fell on his head. He thanks the Virgin of San Juan for surviving so many stings.

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The lttle girl Luisa eats insects and then hallucinates. I thank for it’s stopped.

December 2000

My children and I were decorating the Christmas tree. I just needed to put the star on the top of the tree. I couldn’t reach it, though, so I climbed a ladder. At that moment, a very annoying mosquito flew over me and began buzzing around. I tried to kill him but fell down myself with the tree instead. I thank Saint Marta because, although I hit myself tremendously, the tree and the toys weren’t damaged.

Filiberto Ortega
Pachuca, Hidalgo

The teacher Ramona Rodrigues was assigned to a class in a school filled with rats and other pests. The children seemed to get used to it but she was completely frightened. She thanks the Virgin of San Juan for she was transferred in another school after all, and even the kids over there were smarter.

Señora Agustina Lopez took her little son to the doctor because he had a terrible pain in the ear. To their surprise, they found a cockroach in the ear. Señora thanks the Virgin of San Juan for it was nothing serious with the boy although he suffered from pain.

One morning, I opened a window, and then hundreds of wasps flew into our house. I ran to protect my baby. I was afraid they sting them. I implored Saint Michael the Archangel, and thanks to him the wasps flew around us a little bit and then went out of the window without attacking us. I thank because my babe was saved.

Federica Vazquez suffered a lot from being pursued by the flies. She thought she had been cursed, so she prayed the Virgin of the Solitude. She got rid of this problem, so she brings this retablo thanking for that.

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Our house was filled with cockroaches. Despite keeping our house neat and clean, these insects came in multitude. They even climbed the kitchen table. Nothing could kill them. So I prayed Saint Francis for help. He made the miracle and drove this creatures away. Our house was saved form those disgusting insects.

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My house was filled with cockroaches. I tried to exterminate them but it didn’t work. One person who diverted himself with these horrible creatures was my son Toño who even took several cockroaches as his pets. I prayed to Saint Francis to save me from these bugs. The saint heard my prayers and took his animals to the neighbors. Now my house is clean of insects.

My daughter Lupita went to pick up some flowers, and she was attacked by bees. Poor child was stung and swelled up. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, her fever and the swells has gone.

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