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I give thanks to you, Saint Christopher, patron of travelers, for granting me a trip to the beach with my friends. We arrived well and not one bastard cop nor any soldiery stopped us or told anything about being happy in our manner at the beach. Thank you for that, Saint Christopher. We all need to go to the sea.

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A beautiful mermaid attracted us with her singing right to the rocks. We were watching her combing her lovely green hair and didn’t see that we are going to crash into rocks. Our boat hit it and got a hole. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan we could scoop the water out till we got back to the beach. We guarantee we won’t let us be chanted by mermaids ever again.

Adriano Castillo, the guitarist of the rock band “The Black Cats”, got his hair on fire at the end of a gig when the sparklers at the end of his guitar exploded. He was very frightened. He thanks Saint Augustine for his face didn’t burn and he just lost part of his full head of hair.

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

There was a colleague of mine who was envious of me because my breast is bigger than hers and for that I got more clients. She was pestering me, and the other night I couldn’t take it no more and we grabbed each other by the hair. I thank Saint Ignatius of Loyola because I won the fight and she stopped bothering me. Now I can work at my corner in peace.

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When Petra Dominguez went to the river to do laundry, she passed by two gossip women who made a joke about her. Then she returned, grabbed them by the hair and kicked their asses. She thanks Saint Charbel for she didn’t drown them in the river.

Puebla, 1917

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Tired of insults and abuse, Raquel Garcia grabbed her mother-in-law by the hair and beat her with a stick. She thanks Saint Pancras because the old lady didn’t kick the bucket and doesn’t bother her anymore.

Puebla, 1917

Health, wisdom and strength

Saint Jude, my other believes in you very much, that’s why I dedicate you my hair so you would help her to overcome her cancer. Thanks for curing her and leaving her with us. Do not leave her.

Itzayana Tarelo
Zamora, Michoacan, 13/07/2020

Señora Eduviges Pacheco was switching on the boiler, and it burst into flame putting her hair on fire. She thanks Saint Charbel for nothing bad happened and only her vanity suffered because she was left bald.

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When we were coming back home from the town fair, we met a headless horseman on our way. The sight of the ghost made our hair stand on end and our blood freeze in the veins. But the Virgin of Zapopan protected us, and the horseman passed by without seeing us and didn’t do anything to us. But the next day we saw that our hair turned gray from fright.

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The night of December 24, 2000, while singing hymns to the Child of God, I accidentally put my friend’s hair on fire. Seeing her burning, I entrusted her to the Virgin of Guadalupe and now thanks for nothing bad happened.

Esperanza, Olivar del Conde, Mexico

Gilberto Velazquez was badly infected with lice and was even expelled from the school because of that. The boy thanks the Virgin of San Juan because his grandmother gave him a homemade remedy. All lice were gone, and he didn’t have to go bald.

Dominga Zepeda accidentally got her hair on fire during a torrito run at the San Miguel Canoa town holiday. She thanks Saint Michael Archangel because her hair have grown back and nothing serious happened.

When we were returning from the work, my buddy Simon and I had a chilling encounter near the cemetery walls. A headless bride appeared to us. She was wondering looking for her lover. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the ghost didn’t see us and passed by blasting us with freezing air. I’ve got more gray hairs after that, and Simon now stutters.