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1938, Baja California, a diver Rodrigo Rivera ran into a bloodthirsty shark that started chasing him. He brings this retablo to the Child of Atocha thanking for the shark didn’t have him on dinner.

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Herlindo Ortiz thanks with this retablo. When we went for fishing we were attacked by some enormous sea monsters.

Baja California, July 18, 1940

I’m a big fan of “Hellraiser” movies. But one night I was walking down an empty street, and Chatterer, one of the cenobites characters in the movies, appeared to me. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel because, although he tried to catch me, I managed to escape. I don’t know if it was a product of my imagination or real but this experience scared me a lot.

Ramon Telles — Tijuana, Baja California

Thank you, Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, because my left ankle that I injured in Tijuana got healed.

Blue Demon

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Casimira Luna gives infinite thanks for I managed to marry Claudio the little merman because I fell in love with him and accepted him.

Baja California, July 13, 1942

Virgin of Guadalupe, thanks for you favors. With great pain in my heart but this was my decision—I had left my husband. I love him very much but I couldn’t live like this. I had to obey his orders and let him beat me with sexual objects to get him satisfied because he is a sadomasochist.

Maricarmen Dario
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 1968

I, Cristian Nava, pay with this retablo for delivering me from animals that got in my room. They scared me a lot because I’m all alone and so fragile.

Tijuana, 1972

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I give infinite thanks to Saint Augustine for having met a good man who loves me and wants me as I am. He’s just made me a marriage proposal, and my past as prostitute didn’t affect him. Because of my type of living, I didn’t imagine I’d find love, and now I’m very happy with the opportunity to have a family.

Selene R. ~ Tijuana, Baja California

Daniel C. brings this humble exvoto to Saint Bruno with his deep gratitude for nobody found out about this grave mistake he committed at his last drinking spree. He went in a motel to spend the night with a chick he met in a bar few hours before. The next morning he woke up and saw with great horror that it was a guy, and he ran out of here.

Mexicali, Baja California

Cassandra dedicates this simple retablo to Saint Bruno giving him thanks for being the star dancer of the night club “Mamacitas” where she works every night and has very good salary which she, being a single mother, uses to give her little daughter a comfortable life.

Tecate, Baja California

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I thank Holy Child of Atocha for helping me to keep my great secret. In reality it’s my wife who is the boss in our house and I’m just a henpecked husband. If it became known, it would damage my tough image among the fans and I’d be a joke for my fellows wrestlers. I bring this humble retablo.

The wrestler Black Storm
Tijuana, Baja California

One day I went fishing in my little boat. When I pulled out the net, to my greatest surprise ever, there was a giant squid trapped in it. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Peter for being able to pull the squid to the boat because it was very heavy and, furthermore, for managing to sell it. I became very famous among the fishermen in the region for my great feat.

Delfino Rios
Baja California Sur, Mexico

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I’m gay but my family doesn’t know about it because they wouldn’t understand me. I even get a girlfriend so they wouldn’t suspect anything. But she insisted on intimacy. So one night I was going to try it but at the end couldn’t do it. I’m infinitely thankful to Saint Sebastian because she didn’t get angry and we remained good and confident friends. She promised me to not reveal my secret.

Saúl N.
 \ Mexicali, Baja California