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My sons are very naughty boys. One day they got into the Jose Piña’s rancho to steal some fruits. They even brought a ladder. However, they didn’t know that Jose had bought police guard dogs. The dogs chased the boys up the tree and didn’t let them go down. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because Jose Piña saved them and the dogs didn’t bite them.

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When we were visiting the grand-mother Martina my son went chasing a rabbit. They went far from the house and got lost. We were looking for them for hours but with no success. Then we entrusted them to Saint Christopher, and he made the miracle. A muleteer met the kids and brought them home. We thank the saint.

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My son Bartolo and I were attacked by some dogs on the Romero street. I was afraid they were going to bite my boy and implored the Virgin of Zapopan. Then my son threw his ham sandwich he was eating. The dogs immediately forgot about us and ran to the sandwich. They ate it and then ran away. I thank for we came out this situation safely.

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I was doing my laundry on the river, with my daughter. I was distracted with very dirty sheets, and when I turned I saw my girl had been carried away by the current. I ran after her, imploring to the Virgin, and then I saw a dog coming after my daughter. The dog brought her to the shore. I thank the Virgin for sending me that dog who was definitely an angel in disguise sent for protecting us.

In eternal gratitude to the EU inspectors who didn’t investigate the spending of 300 000 € in subsidies that I appropriated because I need them to buy Mercedes 800 LT and a house in Algarve which I registered on the name of my dear daughter Aninha, 4-years old.

Timotio Phirmino Browser e Morais
June 29, 2003

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I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because working as an animal tamer in the circus I bring joy to the children and this makes me more happy. Moreover I enjoy the company of my animals whom I successfully trained with love and rewards.

Luis Felipe Marquez Peña

I took my children to visit my grand-mother. We were chatting with her so long so it was pretty late when we were ready to return home. We chose a short way—through the woods. It was very scary at night. It seemed that the trees had angry faces and the branches became long hands and they tried to catch us. The animals around us were crying and making scary noises. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for protecting us on our way. We arrived home safe and sound. At home, I made us some hot lime-flower tea in order to get over the fear.

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Jovita Fernandez, 34, was dumped by her husband. She was left alone, without job and with 5 kids. She opened a bar, and she was doing so well that she bought a house and payed for all her kids’ education. She thanks the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception and offers this retablo.

Tonala, Chiapas, 1970

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Rafael Gomez came home and found his son drowning in the pool. He thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for being there in time so he was able to save the boy. He promises to look after his son more carefully.

I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my children won a calf in the church lottery.

Acadia Martinez Lopez

The boy Pedrito Vazquez decided to tease the goat. The goat got angry, hit the boy and broke him two ribs. Pedrito thanks Saint Patrick for this lesson and promises not to be such a naughty boy.

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I thank the Holy Child of Luck for saving my son Luis from dying when he chocked with marbles. I bring this retablo for that.

May 21, 1965
Mexico City

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The girl Jimena plays with the desert animals. Look after her, Virgin.

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