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I dedicate this ex-voto to Saint Segismundo “Froy” for giving me the joy of meeting my love in Roma and to end with me being single. I mange better and get rid of my sorrows. I’m happy with my husband and son.

Anai Lopez — October 2016, Mexico City

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The girl Zuzi speaks with animals. Cure her, Virgin.

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My son and I were going from town to town with our donkey selling oranges. One day we decided to take a cut through the desert and got lost. The sun was going down, and we heard hungry coyotes howling. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and suddenly a bird of golden light appeared from the twilight. It guided us to the road to Fresnillo. I infinitely thank for this miracle that saved our lives.

The neighbors’ son was a shameless scoundrel. He was making out with my daughter Adriana at the dark corners. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this boy was sent to study to Monterrey.

Francisca Lopez

My damned crested rooster was eating my plants. I wanted to scare him off but got frightened myself instead when he almost pecked out my boy’s eyes. In despair, I implored the Virgin of the Solitude for help. Fortunately nothing bad happened. I thank for that and dedicate this.

Panchita Lopez V.
Chavinda, Michoacan, 1962

I thank Saint Francis for saving me from exploding like a petard when my aunt sent me to put the town ammunition dump on fire after she was caught with the father Vladimiro under the Saint Francis’ habit.

October 3, 1967
Ixtlán de los Hervores, Michoacan

The girl Maruja Perez was afraid of spiders. She entrusted herself to Saint Nicholas and overcame this fear. Now when she founds a spider in her room she has no fear. She’s infinitely grateful for that.

Protect my friend, the snail. Girl Garasi.

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We offer this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because the holy father Fray Tormenta won this fight in order to help the children from the streets and helpless women. They pray for him seeing his generosity and modesty. We entrust him to you, with all our hearts, for his help.

San Juan Teotihuacan, December 31, 1993

Nayely gives infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma for letting her find job as prostitute to support her family and to pay for her son’s heart surgery whom she loves so much.

January 25, 1985

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The brothers Pacheco, Luis and Susano, often fought. One day Guicho hit Chano in the head with their father’s drum. He thanks the Child of Atocha he wasn’t beaten to death.

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The boy Alejandro Hernandez gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because Mistico won over Averno. He thanks also his father because he bought him the Mistico’s mask which he wanted so much.

Arena Mexico

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My son Jesus lost in the mountains with the donkeys. My daughters and I are thankful to the Virgin of San Juan because four days later, after many our prayers, Jesus found his way back home. A beam of light guided him out and he returned safe and sound as well as his donkeys.