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Nayely gives infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma for letting her find job as prostitute to support her family and to pay for her son’s heart surgery whom she loves so much.

January 25, 1985

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The brothers Pacheco, Luis and Susano, often fought. One day Guicho hit Chano in the head with their father’s drum. He thanks the Child of Atocha he wasn’t beaten to death.

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The boy Alejandro Hernandez gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because Mistico won over Averno. He thanks also his father because he bought him the Mistico’s mask which he wanted so much.

Arena Mexico

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My son Jesus lost in the mountains with the donkeys. My daughters and I are thankful to the Virgin of San Juan because four days later, after many our prayers, Jesus found his way back home. A beam of light guided him out and he returned safe and sound as well as his donkeys.

My daughter was very restless and curious girl. I couldn’t left her alone and was always worried about her. I was constantly watching her. Thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan we met a stray dog once and decided to foster it. Since that day this dang became my daughter’s nanny. The dog is always following and watching her so I can stop worrying about my daughter’s antics and highjinks. I know the dog would protect her.

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I prepared some delicious food for the diner because my husband’s boss and his wife were invited. But then some damned squirrels got into the house through the window and ate everything. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the dinner was canceled since the boss’ youngest son got sick with mumps.

The boy Artemio thanks the Child of Atocha for helping me to return hone safe and sound after being caught in the mountains by a horrible thunderstorm while he was herding his sheep. He gives thanks for the received favor.

October 11, 1990
Villa del Carbon, Mexico

Luisa Escalante, being alone without a job and with two children at home, had an idea to make business with her own body. Because she was selling herself at the best spot of the lively street, she managed to support her sons, so they could make their careers. Luisa thanks the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception for having protected her at this difficult stage of her life and offers her this retablo.

Ciudad Juarez, 1965

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My son Paquito had a fever. He had hallucinations with skeletons that were flying around him. They laughed and wanted to take him with them. I was scared and I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan, so she would bring down his temperature. Finally she heard my prayers. Carlitos had no more fever and even started to eat. I give thanks to the Holy Virgin.

When I was a child, I was very insecure because of my obesity. Other kids joked about me, and it made me more depressed so I kept eating and gaining more weight. I thank Saint Clare for making me to reconsider my life and straighten it. With exercises and willpower, I’ve become a healthy and confident man, and even got lucky with women.

Leopoldo Carranza \ Tijuana, Baja California

My son Gregorio was slightly crazy. He made himself wings from chicken feathers and jumped off the highest tree. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for the miracle that he was able to flap his wings a little bit—enough to land without killing himself. Although he fell on a cactus and got hurt by the spines, he didn’t break his bones for which I infinitely thank.

My daughters, instead of sleeping, secretly went to look on the newborn calf. When they came to the corral they saw the ghost of the Weeping Woman who started to chase them. They ran to the house and got sick with fear. For the next two days they were sharing and having nightmares. I prayed the Virgin of the Rosary, and she worked a miracle. Their fear has gone, and the girls sleep well now.

On the day of our wedding there were so many children and doves near by the church doors. It’s a good omen that means many years of happiness. We thank Saint Anthony for his blessing.

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