Saint Christopher

San Cristóbal

Mr. Gordon Ruxton humbly dedicates the present exvoto to Saint Christopher in gratitude for giving him his protection all these years which he dedicated himself to travel in his truck by the highways of Kansas and Missouri, always coming back home to his family safely.

Wichita, 2018

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Mercedes Salazar wholeheartedly thanks Saint Christopher for the miracle that her husband Alberto came back from the United States to spend Christmas and New Year with her and their two little kids. He was gone for a whole year, and they couldn’t see him and missed him very much.


My son and I are from the United States, but we love Mexican culture, especially everything related to the traditions of the Day of the Dead. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Christopher, with this exvoto, for we managed to travel to the Mexico City and enjoyed the parade of Katrinas and skeletons. It was a very beautiful and colorful experience.

Refugio Amezcua found himself in a serious danger when Evaristo Aguilar dragged him because of the borderland argument. He entrusted himself to Saint Christopher, and the rope broke, and he got free and safe. He brings this small retablo giving thanks.

Chanenetla, 1925

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I give thanks to you, Saint Christopher, patron of travelers, for granting me a trip to the beach with my friends. We arrived well and not one bastard cop nor any soldiery stopped us or told anything about being happy in our manner at the beach. Thank you for that, Saint Christopher. We all need to go to the sea.

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I dedicate this retablo to Saint Christopher to thank him because he healed me.

Amilcar Sanchez

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I liked motorcycles very much since I was a little boy, and I dreamt of having my own. I was of slender means, so I decided to work hard to save money and to buy a moto. I thank because after many years of struggle I was able to buy me the motorcycle of my dreams. Now I can enjoy it and travel by highways all over the Mexican republic.

Abel Campos

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Lord be our guide and our protector on the journey we are about to take. Watch over is. Protect us from accidents. Keep us free from harm to body and soul. Lord, support us with Your grace when we are tired. Help us be patient in any troubles which may come our way. Keep us always mindful of your presence and love.

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When Michaela and Jorge went on board of a cruise ship, Michaela got so sick she spent four days in bed. Fortunately, Saint Christopher was so kind to cure her again, and on the fifth day she was able to walk around the beautiful city of Porto. However, she was still weak so she made many stops at the nice small town cafes. At the end it was much better than sit in a bus doing a tourist trip.

Michaela and Jorge, Remscheid, 2018

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I’m an American and I’m fascinated by the pre-hispanic cultures of Mexico. Every year I traveled to Mexico on my vacation and I’ve visited Monte Alban, Teotihuacan, Tula, Bonampak. But this year I’ve had to cancel everything because of the coronavirus pandemic. I beg Saint Christopher, patron saint of the travelers, to find a cure from COVID-19 sooner so I could visit the great Chichen Itza in Yucatan.

James White, 2020

Dear Saint Christopher, protect me today in all my travels along the road’s way, give your warning sign if danger is near so that I may stop while the path is clear, be at my window and direct me through when the vision blurs from out of the blue, carry me safely to my destined pace, like you carried Christ in your close embrace. Amen.

Neda Contreras

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Gustavo Garcia is greatly thankful to Saint Christopher with this retablo because he’s doing very well working as a dentist in Tijuana. He has a lot of American clients who pay him in dollars.

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I give thanks to Saint Christopher for my husband hasn’t discovered my infidelity. He often makes business trips leaving me all alone at home. But our young height takes care of making my nights very pleasant. I promise to be discreet so that my Benito would never find out about this and wouldn’t ask me for a divorce.

Deborah Morales \ Tampico, Tamaulipas