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Rogaciano and his wife Maria Lopez dedicate this little humble retablo to Saint Isidor Laborer in eternal gratitude for their lands are very generous and their corn harvest are very good, with big and tasty corncobs.

Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico

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My land became dry and infertile. I was in despair for not be able to harvest. One day the devil presented before myself and showed me how he can make a dry mound became green and flourishing. He said he could make it with all my lands in exchange for my soul. I was thinking about my family, and it was very tempting. But I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for I could resist the temptation. My resistance prevailed with the good rains coming to my land and making it green again. I give thanks.

Indalesio Jimenez who was seriously getting on my nerves because of a borderland issue came out of scrubland and threatened me. I thank the Merciful Lord because we made up and came to an agreement.

Margarito Garsia. Puebla, 1911

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To my Lord and to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, I offer this retablo because I got my lands back. I inherited them from my late parents and then the lands were taking from me without any reason as a mortgage. I prayed to you and now I work on my lands again as my parents’ wish. Bless me, Holy Virgin, since I’m all alone.

Serafin, Cuajumalpa, May 3, 1975

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The Hernandez brothers, Ponciano and Salvador, bring this retablo to Saint Isidor the Labourer because they managed to buy some land in their village for the money they’d earned as farm-workers in USA. They thank from the bottom of their hearts.

Morelia, MIchoacan

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Acasio Lopez fervently thanks Saint Isidor the Laborer with this retablo for being blessed with these noble lands that give him good agaves from which he makes the best pulque in the region and even sells it in other states.

Tlacolula, Oaxaca

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The Hernandez brothers, Panfilo and Silvestre, bring this retablo to Saint Isidor the Labourer because they managed to buy some land in their village for the money they’d earned as farm-workers in USA.

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Some bandits attacked the train when Menche and I were on it carrying our money to buy the parcel near the river. I thank the Virgin who gave me strength and courage to go up to the roof with all my money. The bandits didn’t find me there and we bought the land that we wanted so much for having our own little rancho.

May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, because we came back from the peasant war. With the slogan «Land and freedom to the people!» we defended our property that had been taken from us by bad government supported by the big landlords who got more richer while the peasant got poorer.

Elijio Crudo and Romualda Hernandez
Yautepec, Morelos, 1917

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With machete in hands we rose up to fight for our land rejecting the construction of the airport and ridiculous expropriation. We knew we weren’t alone and with the blessing of the Virgin of Guadalupe we would achieve what we wanted. We showed them that we weren’t going to sit on our hands and we would defend our land with our lives if it would be necessary.

The people of San Salvador Atenco, state of Mexico
August 1, 2002

In 2002, there were protests in San Salvador Atenco. The violent mass protests against federal and local government were caused by the planned construction of a new international airport for Mexico City. The construction of the airport was cancelled.

The Reyes brother hated me because of the quarrel about borders of our lands. One day they made an ambush to kill me when I would ride my horse near by. But the Virgin of Zapopan always protected me and that day she gave wings to my horse. The horse galloped faster than ever before. I arrived to the village and hid in the church. So I saved my life.

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Aucencio Martinez thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because he gave all his harvest to redeem his land from Don Miguel, the one from cantina, to whom he had pawned it. He promises not to drink again. I’m asking for mine and my son Jose’s health. I offer this retablo to you.

San Sebastian Buenos Aires, state of Mexico
August 16, 1983

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