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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for liberating me from temptations of gambling and drinking.

Germano Oliveira — Viçosa, AL — 04/04/07

Claudia M. came for a massage. She got so excited she got laid with a masseur. She thanks Saint John Bosco with this retablo for nobody in her family found out about this. She promises not to fall in temptation anymore.

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My land became dry and infertile. I was in despair for not be able to harvest. One day the devil presented before myself and showed me how he can make a dry mound became green and flourishing. He said he could make it with all my lands in exchange for my soul. I was thinking about my family, and it was very tempting. But I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for I could resist the temptation. My resistance prevailed with the good rains coming to my land and making it green again. I give thanks.

Arturo Saldivar used to drink three liters of cherry pulque every day until he was diagnosed with diabetes. Arturo entrusted himself to Saint James and now thanks him with great devotion because the saint gave him the strength to resist the temptation of getting drunk.

The devils tempted me to sin, and the angels, from the other side, murmured with their sweet voice to behave well. I was going crazy with so many voices in my head. Only thanks to my prayers to the Virgin of the Rosary the voices sounded less and less, until one day they totally disappeared. I don’t hear them anymore, and I thank for that miracle.

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It was very late when I was conic back home so I decided to cut my way. Suddenly I saw a gorgeous she-devil in front of me. She called me seductively so that she could grab my soul and take it to the hell. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan and thanks to her could resist this devilish temptation. I ran to my house at full gallop and came home safe and sound.

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Every day at lunch, my boyfriend and his colleagues go buy tacos from a very flirtatious woman. I thank Saint Benedict for my boyfriend shows me his love and never falls into the temptation. This woman flirt with everybody all the time. But I don’t worry because my Raymundo is faithful to me.

Refugio Vallejo
Villahermosa, Tabasco

I used to love to reunite with my friends on Thursdays to play cards. Then we began to play really high stakes, and I got this feeling of gambling. One time I almost lost my husband’s car. Fortunately, I won that round, although I was frightened. I realized I’m addicted to gambling and I can stake anything to play. I promised to the Virgin if she helps me I would cook sweets every time I have temptation to play again. The Virgin gave me strength, and I do not play anymore but have opened a pastry shop.

Thank you, Virgin, for helping me to resist.

I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Fatima because on my graduation day I was thinking only about smoking a delicious american cigarette «Tareyton» with double filter for soft and deep flavor. Also they have a filter of activated charcoal and a white outer filter which balances the elements of the taste of the Virginia tobacco. After ceremony I smoked five of them.

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I thank my Saint Guardian Angel, because despite all my dirty thoughts, nothing happened between me and my secretary Elena, when we were on a business trip and, on the night of August 14, had to stay in one room in the hotel.

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I dedicate this retablo to Saint Raymond for he gives me strength and protects me during these long night when I have to sleep alone. I have so many naughty, filthy thoughts, but he helps me to win over the sin and to postpone my damnation.

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Ana Maria Gonzalez was terrified to find out that she had a sin — gambling. One Thursday, as usual, she was spending time with her friends playing cards. She lost everything and staked her husband’s house. Ana Maria thanked the Virgin of Zapopan for she won that game. She promised not to play again, and as if she would have such a temptation she would go to bake. Now, Ana Maria opened the pastry-shop and it brings her a good income.