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My land became dry and infertile. I was in despair for not be able to harvest. One day the devil presented before myself and showed me how he can make a dry mound became green and flourishing. He said he could make it with all my lands in exchange for my soul. I was thinking about my family, and it was very tempting. But I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for I could resist the temptation. My resistance prevailed with the good rains coming to my land and making it green again. I give thanks.

There was a great drought in the region, an I was very distressed because my land was dry and I was losing my harvest. I asked Saint Isidor Labourer with all my faith to send the rains sooner, and in few days he made me a great miracle. I’m deeply thankful and dedicate this retablo.

Melesio Flores \ Tehuacán, Puebla

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It hadn’t rained for few years, and our lands were dry. We and our goats had to eat nopal cactuses and prickly pears, and the dogs fed themselves with lizards and snakes. The Virgin of Guadalupe finally listened to our prayers, and this year abundant rains have come to us. The land is blooming, and we have a lot of vegetables and corn. We thank for this abundance.

The land in our village was dry. There wasn’t much green around either. But the day Victor and I got married a miracle happened. Everything started flourishing, the fields became green, and hundreds of birds flew over to celebrate our happiness. It was really magical, since the miracle went on. It rained more often, and the crops were abundant. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe, and we promise to protect our love.

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Retablo to the god Tlaloc. Master and lord, our precious provider, have mercy in your heart, reanimate the earth and everything that lives and sprouts in it. I pray to you, the lords, the providers of the four points, the masters of the mountains and the caves, come and bring comfort to the villagers, pour your water on the earth. The earth, the animals, the plants and the reeds—everyone is waiting and crying for it.

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for my cornfield gave me a good harvest as never before. You delivered us from that bad drought when there were no rains. I implored you and now, look, how many corn I have.

Anselmo Perez
Queretaro, December 12, 1936

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After a long drought I was about to lose my crop. I was worried because I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family. I asked Saint Isidor the Labourer for help, and he worked a miracle. Few days later the rains came and saved my land. I thank for that.

Niceforo Ortiz
Xalapa, Veracruz

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I thank Saint Isidor the Labourer because it’s finally raining after a long drought. Now my cows won’t die from thirst and hunger without grass and water.

Once there was such a terrible heat in California, that all the corn dry and fell out of mealies. And the old Billy Dorset’s bull decided that it was snow and froze to death. I am grateful to the Holy Virgin of Zapopan for this idea occurred only to the bull.

Artemio and Araceli Ramirez prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe because it didn’t rain for a long time and their harvest was drying. The Holy Virgin send them rains and saved the harvest.

Hidalgo, 23 June 1973

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Saint Isidore, thank you for bringing us the rains. My cows were dying without water and there was no place to graze them.

Felipe & Fidel
Metepec, Mexico
June 7, 1990

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St. Isidore the Labourer. thank you for sending us the rains that brought the land to life. It didn’t yield for years because of the drought that had struck the villages around Metepec. I prayed for you help, and you send it to us. I bring you this retablo on your feast day, May, 15, 1960.


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There was a big drought in 1963 and 1964. The soil started to crack and my animals were dying. I thank Saint Isidore the Labourer because finally, after many prayers and requests, 28th of july a heavy thunderstorm arrived with rain falling several days after.