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I thank Saint Paschal because, this season of chiles en nogada, I was selling them very good. Many people ask me what’s the secret of its taste. And I answer that it’s the love I put into them while cooking and my eternal devotion to Saint Paschal.

Carmelita Reyes

Cholula, Puebla

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My patrons asked me to cook some mole and two turkeys. I was feeling bad to kill birds. I thank Saint Paschal because I convinced my patrons to have another dish and they even gave me those two turkeys as a gift. I took them back to my hut, and I’m very glad.

Asuncion Toxqui ~ Cholula, Puebla

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Victoriano Perez dedicates this retablo because I loved to dance with my pig but she stepped on my callus.

Puebla, September 5, 1940

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January 2019, Popocatepetl had a strong eruption spewing lava and ash. I was greatly frightened because my entire house was shaking. I dedicate this humble retablo, with all my heart, to the Lord of the Wonders thanking him for Don Goyo calmed down. I ask not to let it wake up ever again because my family and I live very close to it.

Santiago Xalitzintla, Puebla

On the Saint John Day, when it was getting dark, an evil goat appeared to my old man and slobbered him. My old man entrusted himself to Saint Ignatius whom I give infinite thanks for no harm was done to him and he only spent four days in fear.

Puebla, 1902

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Rosario Hernandez was in love with the foreman of the ranch. She asked Saint Paschal for help and managed to made the foreman fell in love with her, with her dishes. She dedicates this retablo for that, with great faith and devotion.

Tecamachalco, Puebla

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I admired a famous model of men’s magazines. She was my platonic love. I dedicate this retablo to the Lord of the Wonders because one day she entered my repair shop when her car had broken down near by. It was the best day of my life. My dream to meet her came true, and she even gave me her autograph, and I took a photo with her.

Felix Romero \ Puebla, Mexico

We dedicate the present retablo, with deep gratitude, to the Lord of the Wonders for always giving us his protection during our performance of the Dance of Huahuas. We perform it for many years, and thanks to his blessing we have never had any falls or accidents.

The Toxqui family — Zacapoaxtla, Puebla

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Felipa Ortiz was pregnant and was about to give birth, but she was worrying because she didn’t have money to pay to a midwife. She fervently thanks the Virgin of San Juan because Frida the painter paid all the expenses of the childbirth.

Puebla, 1940

Pedro Flores had a pulque bar, and there was one rogue who had robbed his place. Pedro entrusted himself to the Virgin of Juquila, and, when the assailant came back again with a machete, he and his friend were waiting for him with pistols. The bastard ran away and never came back. Pedro gives infinite thanks for that.

Puebla, 1917

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Nuns sister Maria Jeronima and sister Petra of Jesus are infinitely thankful to Saint Claire because, with her help, they make the best rompope in Puebla and sell it to help the convent.

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With this retablo, I testify my gratitude to Saint Paschal Baylon for giving a great taste to my dishes, especially to chiles en nogada which is one of my favorite dishes.

Puebla, 1925

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The Day of the Dead, I decided to put an altar for my recently deceased wife and I cooked her favorite dishes. At night I heard some voice calling me. I went to the sitting-room and I saw, to my astonishment, that it was my wife scolding me for bad cooking and oversalting the food. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel for it was only that night when I saw my grumpy complaining wife, since she was also unbearable when she was alive.

Aniceto Ruiz ~ Puebla