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Thank you, Saint Agatha, for giving me strength to leave my ex with whom I had a toxic relationship.

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Ramiro Fernandez thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus with this retablo for not suffering serious burns when his girlfriend splashed him with hot chocolate for breaking up with her.

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Mr. Benito thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus because, being drowned in the vice of drinking, he was left without job and dumped by his wife. But he find help in the AA group and could get out this damned vice. He promise not to drink again.

Golondrinas, Mexico City, October 28, 2011

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Give me comfort, my Saint Jude, so I would accept that my wife has changed me for her best girl friend.

Jonatan Vega

My husband not only went to live with this bitch Lupe, but also one day he came to take our pig. But Saint Barbara gave me strength and extra courage not to let him take the pig away. I dedicate this real in gratitude.

Chonita Robles P.
San Martin Texmelucan, Tlaxcala, 1957

I offer this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because my Pedro returned to me. He had dumped me for a woman, but I asked you very much for the miracle, and now we are together and very happy.

Pedro & Julian, February 14, 1976

Maria Antonieta Garcia earns her living by selling her body at the streets of the Mexico City in order to support her children since she was left by her husband. She asks the Holy Heart of Jesus to look after and protect her in this miserable but honest job she’s destined to.

December 1960

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I thank the Holy Virgin because I was deadly wounded in my heart by the contempt of a soulless woman who rejected my sincere love. I give you thousand thanks because you gave me peace and little by little healed the wounds in my heart. One day I’ll be able to love again.

Cristobal Rosas Cruz
Valle de Chalco, Mexico, ’66

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A year ago I tried to commit suicide, jumping from the second floor. My girlfriend had left me. Then I met Gaby who was a paramedic who treated me. Thousand thanks to the Holy Death for not taking me and thus having another opportunity to love.

Oslo, Norway, December 7, 2018

When my husband left me, I became a beggar. But I was unlucky because a pickpocket monkey stole my alms. I asked the Child of Atocha for help, and thanks to him the thief monkey and I became partners. Now the monkey shares the loot with me. The things are going very well, and I even have extra money to donate to the Holy Child.


Things of love, Virgin of Guadalupe, in which we, people of bohème, can’t tell the difference. I fell in love with Ana and told her to marry me but she rejected me saying that she only wanted my money. Help me, Virgin, to forget her.

Inocente Baeza

The bar “Your way and mine”
Sign over the exit: “Come back soon”
Near the exit: “Women without documents are not allowed”

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Disappointed in love, Jose Chavez got involved in booze. He implored Saint Pancras in such a predicament, and now he gives him proper thanks because a new hope has appeared in his life. He only asks, having jumped out of the frying pan, not to get into the fire.

Puebla, 1925

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Saint Charbel, thank you for your deeds. I thank for helping out to my daughter to go on studying. I had to become a prostitute after my husband left us and I got an accident at work. I accidentally put my hand in a die and lost my arm. They had to give me a prosthesis. I thank for my daughter has finished nursing school.

Faustina Flores
Mexico City, 1964