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I thank my Virgin of Guadalupe with this exvoto for helping me and for giving me courage because I suddenly heard my chicken very unquiet. I came out and saw a huge and horrible beast that tried to eat them. I’m a widow and these chicken are my only livelihood, and I also sell eggs to my neighbors. Fortunately, I chased the horrible beats away.

Jasinta Salazar
The Miracle ranch, Jalisco, May 6, 1987

Saint Carolo, patroness of poor traps

Thanks, Carolo, for giving me the example, the strength and the courage of coming out to Santo Tomas spreading my wings and flying freely. I would’ve been a frustrated and sad caterpillar without your reference. Thanks for overtaking the party noises with your hoarse voice. Thanks to you, Saint Carola, patroness of the crossdressers of the people. I’m a free butterfly now.

I, Matilda
El Carmen Alley, Santo Tomas, La Pintana, August 2021

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I loved my girlfriend very much. That’s why when she proposed me to play sadomasochist sex games I agreed. I thank Saint Elias for giving me strength to break up with her because I couldn’t stand the pain from so much lashing. She passed all bounds and vented her frustration on me using me as a sex object. And then I realized she doesn’t really love me.

Javier N.

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I was going back to my hut when suddenly a bandit jumped out on my way. He was going to hurt me. I thank the Virgin of the Solitude for giving me the courage to grab the pistol from the bandit and defend myself. I saved my life, after all I have three kids who totally depend on me.

Apolonia T. — Chihuahua, Mexico

I thank Juan the Soldier for giving me courage to grab on the plane going to the United States. Although, I could’ve lost my life, I arrived well and found job.

Jose Sanchez Saldivar
Calpulalpan, Tlaxcala, 1965

My wife, beside keeping me as a servant, enjoyed beating me because she was very violent and had a temper of thousand devils, and I lived in great fear. I give infinite thanks to Saint Maria Goretti for giving me courage to report domestic abuse to the police and to divorce her gaining my peace and dignity back.

Bonifacio Godinez — Tepic, Nayarit

I thank Saint Jude who gave me courage to come out of the closet.

Fito Fella

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My husband not only went to live with this bitch Lupe, but also one day he came to take our pig. But Saint Barbara gave me strength and extra courage not to let him take the pig away. I dedicate this real in gratitude.

Chonita Robles P.
San Martin Texmelucan, Tlaxcala, 1957

I went to the river to swim in a place where nobody comes. When I was drying myself off I saw an enormous crocodile stealthily approaching me. Surely, the beast swam up the river because I’ve never seen crocodiles here. Seeing that my life was in danger, I implored Saint Barbara asking for her protection. She gave me courage to keep my calm. I climbed up the rocks very slowly and then ran at full speed, and the crocodile stayed there with his opened mouth and without lunch. I thank for saving my life.

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It was very hard for me to live in the country because I felt that I was different but my family and friends didn’t understand me. I thank Saint Martha for giving me courage to go to the city and there I could develop my personality. Now I’m a successful stylist, and I’m proud of my sexual preferences.

Inocencio Pascual ~ Michoacan, Mexico

Thanks Virgin for giving me courage not to marry that man whom I didn’t love. And my aunts old maids wanted to force to be unhappy.

Mariana, 1976, Oaxaca, Mexico

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«I’m a father proud of having a gay son».
«I’m valued as a person, not for my preferences».

Saint Sebastian, thank you because my father supports me and accepts me as I am. He understands and respects my relationship with Julian, and thanks to him I have the courage and peace to live my life and do not care what people think about me.

Saul the Cute
Olivar del Conde, Mexico City
July 6, 2019, March № 41

I thank the Virgin of San Juan for giving me courage to run away with my boyfriend. Our friend helped us to go live together far away so our parents can’t punish us.