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I, Marinita Costa, offer this exvoto thanking the Virgin of the Sea for looking after little turtles’ babies and for making me realize that the sea is a house and not just a giant pool. I beg and implore for forgiveness for those times when I threw Coca-Cola light bottles with love messages inside in the sea. I wish I stay an old maid for this stupidity.

Acapulco, Guerrero, 2006

I give infinite thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua for granting me with the miracle of finding my love. In my age, I was ready to remain a old maid, but then one day Vicente came to my life. Now, when we are married, I’m very happy and I understood that love knows no age.

Leonor Rosales ~ San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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Thanks Virgin for giving me courage not to marry that man whom I didn’t love. And my aunts old maids wanted to force to be unhappy.

Mariana, 1976, Oaxaca, Mexico

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The day of the fire my daughter was lost. Since we didn’t know anything about her, I implored the Child of Atocha. Now we know hat she ran away with a fireman. We thank with this retablo because she was about to become an old maid.

Juaquina Lopez, 1953

My daughter Dolores was already 40 years old. She was the oldest of my 16 children sent me by God and my only daughter. I was very much worried that the poor thing would lose her train and stay an old maid. I put Saint Anthony of Padua head down and prayed him day and night. My daughter met a gringo named mister Maicol and they got married. Besides, she used the dress I wore at my wedding.

Maria del Socorro Lopez
Tepatitlán, Jalisco
April 15, 1963

When I thought I’d remain an old maid, Toño came to my life. He loves me and makes me happy. I thank Saint Anthony, and I should’ve kept my chin up.

Hermelinda Sanchez

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Gregoria Tecanguey asked Saint Anthony to send her a husband because she was becoming an old maid. Two days later she went to the pond for water, and her dream came true. She’s thankful and brings this retablo.

Cholula, 1914

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The day of my wedding, Manuel Martinez returned to the town. He was the love of my life, and I thought he’d never come back. I thank the Holy Virgin of the Rosary for I didn’t commit an error of marrying a man I didn’t love and only because I wouldn’t like to stay an old maid.

Raquel Diaz

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Maria Cayetana Rivera brings the present retablo to Saint Anthony thanking him for having sent her a husband because she is already 37 years old and has been waiting for this so long.

San Nicolas, 1925

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May 15, 1968, the day of the wedding, my fiancé got scared and was about to escape, but thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe I noticed it in time and brought him back because I wouldn’t like to stay an old maid.

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There was a girl whom I liked very much. But I was scared to tell her. So one night I went to the bar to drink some tequila in order to have courage. Then I went to sing her a serenade, but I was so drunk I got a wrong balcony and sang it to the old maiden of the town. I give thanks to Saint Rita because neither she nor her family recognized me, otherwise, if I had kept singing, they would’ve married me. I promise to be brave in declaring my love feelings to a woman.

Serapio Herrada
Tehuacan, Puebla

Jasinta Pacheco asked Saint Anthony for a husband because she was close to be an old maid for ever. Since the saint helped her, she brings this retablo thanking for such favor.

Tulansingo, 1917

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Dominga Lezama brings this retablo to Saint Anthony thanking for she managed to find a husband in her age when she had already put herself in old maids.

Zacatlan, 1927

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