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I, Marinita Costa, offer this exvoto thanking the Virgin of the Sea for looking after little turtles’ babies and for making me realize that the sea is a house and not just a giant pool. I beg and implore for forgiveness for those times when I threw Coca-Cola light bottles with love messages inside in the sea. I wish I stay an old maid for this stupidity.

Acapulco, Guerrero, 2006

I, Fabian, went to buy 2 stellas, 2 santa emilianas and a six-pack of becker. When I left the liquor shop, my bag got broken and the bottles fell down on the ground in the presence of the people. That’s how God works. I give infinite thanks to Robert Powell for this miracle. I picked up the bottles and went to tell my father about it.

Av. La Serena, Good Friday 2021

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Virgin of San Juan, thank you for your help. I was talking with my ex-pimp Armando so that he would give me back my belongings because he didn’t live with me anymore and lived with Ramona. She came out of the brothel door and attacked me from behind hitting me with a bottle. We fell on the ground where she kept beating me until I lost my conscience. I couldn’t recover for a long time. I asked the Virgin to heal me and so that my head would be alright until I was fully recovered.

Marina Peña
Mexico City, 1955

My diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy made in a private clinic (during the medical tests) has been reasonably refuted in a municipal clinic. So now I can allow myself, with a light heart, not to count how many beer bottles I drink at the party. I thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus for that.

D. Babenko

M. G. ended up in the hospital because she got very excited while masturbating with a bottle and couldn’t take it out. She infinitely thanks Saint Raymond for overcoming this embarrassment and for her body wasn’t seriously injured.

Humberto Espinosa thank Saint James with this retablo for he’s doing very well collecting plastic bottles. WIth this earning he can pay for his son’s school.

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Luis Dias brings this retablo thanking the Holy Child of Atocha for the success he had with his bottle factory. He distributes them in various countries.

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Everything looked normal in my dream until Saint Rita of Cascia appeared holding the largest bottle of whiskey I had even seen.

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for not letting a client cut me with a bottle when, on our way to the hotel, he realized that I’m not a woman. I entrusted myself to you in this danger and now I’m all right.

Paco, “The Beauty”
Merced, 1999