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One night I was selling cold beer at the wrestling arena. I was distracted and didn’t noticed that the wrestler named Superpig jumped off the third rope and almost fell on me. I thank the Lord of Chalma because I stepped away in time. Otherwise he would have sent me right to the hospital.

Abelino Rodriguez
Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco

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I thank the Holy Heart of Jesus because through the COVID-19 contingency the chamochelas kiosks weren’t closed. Thanks.

Susana Distancia (Your healthy distance)

Only one person in line. Thank you!
Please, keep your healthy distance.

Chamochela is a beer-based drink prepared with lemon, salt, chili powder and savoury sauce.

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God bless this fine home.

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My diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy made in a private clinic (during the medical tests) has been reasonably refuted in a municipal clinic. So now I can allow myself, with a light heart, not to count how many beer bottles I drink at the party. I thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus for that.

D. Babenko

I thank Saint Lazarus who saved me from a trouble when a dog fell on my back. It fell off the roof tumbling me down when I was going for some beer. I even came out of soak with this damned fright. Think—if it would have fallen on my neck would I be telling this story? But I got up and am telling it.

A grateful Mexican from Huipulco, Mexico City
September, 2014

I went to camp in the mountains alone. The morning I was mortally terrified when I saw an enormous bear near my tent. I thank Saint Francis because the bear entertained himself with my beer cans and fell asleep afterwards so I could escape from this situation unhurt.

Alfonso Tejeda \ Durango, Mexico

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Lucia N. dedicates the present retablo to Saint Maroun thanking him for not getting pregnant after having unprotected sex with an American young man. He was with a group of spring-breakers. They had a party on a beach, and they invited her to join. They were drinking a lot of beer, and she didn’t realize what she was doing. She was very much worried what her parents would think, but now she’s calmed down. She promises to be more responsible.

Los Cabos, Baja California

One night, my friend Bryan and I decided to sneak into the cemetery and pass few beers there. Nothing frightened us at all. We were joking when suddenly we heard a voice “Don’t be mean, pass me a beer!” We turned around and saw that it was a dead man. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan for we ran out of the cemetery safely. We promise to pay more respect to the dead.

Kevin Hernández
Zapopan, Jalisco

I was selling cold beer at the wrestling arena. I was distracted and didn’t noticed that the wrestler Superpig jumped off the third rope on his opponents but almost fell on me instead. I thank Saint Charbel because I stepped away in time. Otherwise he would’ve squashed me and my bucket of beer.

Panfilo Garza

Monterrey, 1982

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After few beers in the bar, on my way back home, I went to thickets to take a leak. Then an UFO landed right next to me. I was scared of being disintegrated by the UFO’s crew or something worse, but thank God they came in peace.

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When my husband was alive he loved playing cards. Starting the Day of the Dead, he began to come back home with three other ghosts. They played cards and drunk beer. I was scared of having dead men in the house. Thanks to my prayers to the Virgin of San Juan and three requiem masses they have rested in peace.

I thank Jesus for the gigantic beer mug I found when I was in need of beer.

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Little Pedrito Rosales stole a bottle of beer from his father, got drunk and got sick. With this retablo he promises to Saint Jerome to not do such shenanigans anymore.

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