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Virgin of San Juan, I bring you this retablo in gratitude for granting me the miracle of saving my baby, when I fell down the stairs and went urgently to the hospital. We are safe and healthy thanks to the medics.

Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico
May 10, 2003

Señora Delfina infinitely thanks the Virgin of San Juan for granting her son Jesus healing from a severe pneumonia he caught while searching his little cow that got scared of lightnings during a thunderstorm, ran out of the corral and hid in a cave.

Lagos de Moreno, Mexico
August 27, 1993

One night I was selling cold beer at the wrestling arena. I was distracted and didn’t noticed that the wrestler named Superpig jumped off the third rope and almost fell on me. I thank the Lord of Chalma because I stepped away in time. Otherwise he would have sent me right to the hospital.

Abelino Rodriguez
Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco

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Abelino Sanchez thanks the Virgin of San Juan for protecting him that night when the town lumberyard got on fire. The flames were very powerful but he managed to break through without burns, get to the fire and extinguish it.

Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco

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On their way back from the celebration in Lagos de Moreno where they got pretty drunk, the Vasquez ran into the Weeping Woman ghost who blocked the road. They prayed to the Blessed Sacrament for protection from the ghost. The brothers managed to ran home safe and sound but got so scared they stopped drinking ever since.

I bring this retablo to Saint James the Apostle for letting me dedicate my life to what I’m really passion about—the wrestling. I thank for my successful career that was crowned that night when I won the mask of my arch-rival Dark Shadow, earning the admiration and applause of the audience.

Super Atomico
Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco

Little Julio got in the pigsty and was bitten by a pig. He almost lost his arm. His mother prayed to the Virgin of San Juan for delivering the boy from losing his arm. The Virgin saved him. The grateful mother brings this retablo.

Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco
April 30, 1950

Alberto Camacho became a widower. It hadn’t been a year when he got married again. But then his late first wife started to appear in the bedroom by nights. Alberto was scared and he prayed to the Virgin of San Juan so that she would make her soul rest in peace. The Virgin decided to help him, and the wife’s ghost never turned back again.

Lagos de Moreno
July 16, 1972