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Unrested souls sometimes appear in don Pepe’s canteen. They drink, dance and sing. You, Virgin of Guadalupe, please make them rest in peace or make them dance and do their rowdy parties somewhere else. The people got used to this and say: there is mezcal for everything good, and for everything bad, as well, and if there’s no remedy, a liter and a half would help. And don Pepe says: the dead into the pits, the living to enjoy. Holy Virgin, let them rest.

Tultepec, state of Mexico

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I thank Saint Peter for letting Salome Pineda who died in a car accident to come and eat the offerings on October 28, the day of the killed. I told her how much I love her and that she shouldn’t worry and that I look after her two sons from her third marriage.

The cuckold, 28–10–2000

So, almost at 12 at night, Katrina appeared to me on the highway. She asked for a ride. Before such a horrifying scene, I entrusted myself to the Holy Heart of Jesus, and it helped me. Katrina immediately disappeared bursting with laughter. This retablo is in gratitude.

Tito Martinez

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Jasinto and Pascual Martinez love to go to drink in the abandoned house behind the bridge. But on October 17, 1963, they had a horrible experience there, when a headless bride appeared to them. They got sick out of fear and were cured only by praying to the Virgin of Zapopan. They promised to drink less.

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When I was coming to Monterrey with the money for the land I’d sold, I was attacked. I implored the Virgin of the Rosary, but then Agapito Treviño’s ghost, or the White Horse, appeared. The robber ran away. Since I don’t know who helped me more, this retablo is for both of them.

Ramon Martinez, Monterrey, 2020

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The Day of the Dead, I decided to put an altar for my recently deceased wife and I cooked her favorite dishes. At night I heard some voice calling me. I went to the sitting-room and I saw, to my astonishment, that it was my wife scolding me for bad cooking and oversalting the food. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel for it was only that night when I saw my grumpy complaining wife, since she was also unbearable when she was alive.

Aniceto Ruiz ~ Puebla

The other night I was sleeping in my room with my boyfriend Gruff and suddenly felt a malign presence, like a dead goy into me. I couldn’t move or open my eyes, but I felt I was protected. I want to thank my patron saint Jesus Malverde for that because he looks after me, and moreover he worked a miracle—I received unexpected money to pay off my debts and also got a better contract at my work.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, April 20. 2021

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El Goyo Servantes was passing by the cemetery and met the spirit of his buddy who demanded to leave his wife in peace or he would take him out of this world. He thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus for his hateful buddy didn’t hurt him.

Puebla, 1915

On All Saints’ night, I was walking down the street and suddenly saw a ghost carriage approaching me. To my great fear, I heard the driver inviting me to take a ride with him. I prayed to the Holy Lord of Chalma to help me, and eventually the ghost disappeared. I bring this retablo for such a great miracle.

Rosendo Hernandez \ Zacatecas, Mexico

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When my buddy and I were coming back from the sowing, it was getting dark. Coyotes began to howl, and suddenly the Weeping Woman appeared to us. My buddy shat his pants from the fright. I bring this retablo to Saint James giving infinite thanks for protecting us so we could get to our hut safe and sound.

Puebla, 1908

We ask the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe to give rest to souls that sometimes appear at Arrocito beach in Oaxaca.

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We were visited by unrest souls. Thanks they only came to give us good advices.

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We thank you, Guardian Angel, for protecting our daughter from the beings of the night and always looking after her.

Fidel & Julia, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1967

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