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On All Saints’ night, I was walking down the street and suddenly saw a ghost carriage approaching me. To my great fear I heard the driver inviting me to take a ride with him. I prayed Saint Michael to save me, and eventually the ghost disappeared. I bring this retablo for such a great miracle.

Victoriano Sanchez \ Zacatecas, Mexico

The night of November 16, 1974, all the dogs began to howl. We went out and saw the Weeping Woman floating over our houses. We entrusted ourselves to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and thanks to her this vision vanished in the night.

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November, Day of the Dead, a unrested ghost appeared to me. I immediately sobered up and prayed Saint Michael whom I thank now for protecting me so I can escape this danger.

Lucas Perez
Cholula, 1917

My daughters, instead of sleeping, secretly went to look on the newborn calf. When they came to the corral they saw the ghost of the Weeping Woman who started to chase them. They ran to the house and got sick with fear. For the next two days they were sharing and having nightmares. I prayed the Virgin of the Rosary, and she worked a miracle. Their fear has gone, and the girls sleep well now.

Day of the Dead, the Martinez brothers, Bartolo, Tiburcio and Joaquin, came home and got frightened because an unrested soul appeared to them. The brothers thank the Holy Child of Atocha for the short didn’t hurt them.

Uruapan, 1915

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My late husband was very jealous when he was alive. When don Pascual, the hardware store’s owner, started to court me after me being a widow for many years, the angry ghost of my husband Jose began to appear at night. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for her intervention so Jose would let me in peace. The Holy Virgin made the miracle, and the ghost didn’t come back, even despite the fact I accepted the Pascual’s courtship.

The pig’s ghost came in during our celebration. Thanks to the Virgin it didn’t spoil our fun.

1975, Rosario

Nothing serious happened.

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I met a ghost of the dead bride on my way. She was wondering around looking for her lover and abducted the travelers thinking that they were her husband. I give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because I managed to escape from her riding her demon before she could catch me.

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November 2, Day of the Dead, my buddy’s ghost came to the bar and wanted to pass some shots with me. I got scared and wanted to run away, but he pushed me down and broke my hand. I thank the Holy Child of Atocha for I didn’t kick the bucket.

Susano Camayo, Tlaxcala, 1920

Isabel Morales prepared such a delicious mole de caderas that even her late husband came to try it. She thanks God for having seen her husband.

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When my husband died I felt devastated. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe to let me see my husband one more time. On the Day of the Dead, I was making my husband’s altar and suddenly I saw a ghost. At first, I was terribly frightened but then I felt happy of seeing my husband. Although it lasted few seconds and his figure wasn’t very clear, I’m infinitely grateful.

The people in the village were saying they had seen the Weeping Woman at night. Filled with fear, they shut themselves in their house from early evening. But I didn’t believe in those stories. The other night, I went to gather some fruits in the field and I heard her crying. I got so scared, I got goosebumps. I entrusted myself to Saint Michael and ran away from there. Thanks to the saint’s help nothing bad happened with me. I promise to not laugh at the legends anymore.

Petra Lozano ~ State of Mexico

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When we were returning from the work, my buddy Simon and I had a chilling encounter near the cemetery walls. A headless bride appeared to us. She was wondering looking for her lover. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan because the ghost didn’t see us and passed by blasting us with freezing air. I’ve got more gray hairs after that, and Simon now stutters.