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I dedicate this retablo to the always Holy Virgin of Guadalupe. The Night of the Dead, I was glad I’d been able to collect some money to put up my altar with lot of offerings, including even mole and pulque. At the last moment, a sparkle fell on me and I was taken by fire immediately, but thanks to the Virgin’s intervention nothing happened.

Eulalia Garcia

The night of the Day of Dead, I woke up to drink a glass of water and got very frightened seeing the dead eating the food from the altar we made in honor of my grand-mother. I prayed Saint Michael the Archangel so that he would rest their souls. And right that moment, they disappeared. I dedicate this retablo in gratitude.

Teofilo Guzman
Tlaxcala, 1958

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for the opportunity to arrange a beautiful altar for my late grandparents, uncles and aunts for the Day of the Dead. In this way I can tell them that there is a lot of their essence is still around and they aren’t completely dead because we remember them and we offer to them flowers, food and candles to tell how we love them.

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When my husband Juan Jose died, I was sad and couldn’t find any consolation. We loved each other so much, and I couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing him again. I asked the Virgin to let me see him. And she gave me that. So now every Day of the Dead, I put the altar and bring the offerings, and then my husband appears for a few seconds. So I can keep his image in my memory and find strength to live on without him.

I, Donashi Azucena from Ejutla de Crespo, in honor and glory of Saint Mary and the Precious Blood of Christ, that protected me when I was being chased in the Labrador mountain and saw a seven-headed serpent. I prayed for salvation and managed to escape alive from that sacred place, although I hit my knee and some tumors appeared with fright after the strongest earthquake we ever had in the history of our state of Oaxaca, on January of 1931. Since then in my town we offer up a giant snake on the Daninyaaloani mountain to celebrate the opportunity of giving and receiving and the fact that we survived, although many compatriots died. I offer this retablo and thank from the bottom of my heart in September of 1932.


It was November 2. I went to the cemetery to visit my late friends. I was tired and fell asleep. To my surprise, when I awoke, I found myself surrounded by skeletons who were eating the offerings. I was scared and rushed out from the cemetery. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Casimiro Alvarez

November 2, I was frightened when I saw a dead man eating from the offerings we had put in honor of my grandfather. I prayed to St. James The Apostle so that he would make this dead man rest in peace. He heard my prayers right away, and the dead man disappeared on the instant. I offer this retablo for that.

Filiberto Lopez

I made big offerings to my late aunts, uncles and grandparents for the Day of the Dead. It was so nicely arranged and displayed, that even dead men came to look at it. The problem was that the dead men weren’t my relatives and I didn’t know them. I was frightened and I prayed to the Virgin of Guadalupe. She calmed the ghosts and sent them away, and they didn’t return.