Virgin of Guadalupe

Virgen de Guadalupe

I was caught in the ocean by a terrible storm that destroyed my boat. I was left to drift alone in the open sea hoping for my luck. Several days passed. I was afraid to die, so I entrusted myself, with all my faith, to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would save me. I thank because a fishing boat rescued me when I was about to be eaten by few sharks that followed me. May you be blessed.

Leoncio Torres
Baja California, Mexico

Three beings came to my house. With a broom and your help, Holy Virgin, they were gone.

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A dog from Mars rode me around his planet. Thanks for he brought me back to Earth.

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My cat had formed a bad habit of peeing on furniture. One day he even peed in my bed. My wife got so angry, so she gave me an ultimatum. She said if the cat peed once more I would have to choose between him and her. I loved them both so I prayed for a miracle to the Virgin of Guadalupe. And I got it. Virgin made my cat understand that he mustn’t pee in the house and now he pees only outside. I thank for this astonishing miracle.

Day before his fight, Ruperto Rivero got sick with a diarrhea. Since no remedy could help him, he implored the Virgin of Guadalupe. Ruperto recovered and won the fight. He thanks for that.

Mexico, 1948

When on November 2, 1999 I had a heart attack I felt the death was very close. I asked the Virgin of Guadalupe to save me from dying. I was taken to the hospital in time so I could avoid a dangerous surgery and got better with intensive therapy. I bring you this retablo and thank you for letting me get to the year 2000.

San Angel, Mexico City — January 6, 2000

April 30, 1930, we were performing in Villahermosa, Tabasco. During the lion taming act the tamer received a strong scratch and even his clothes were torn and his skin was cut. The furious animals was about to attack him again and we thought it should kill the tamer. But suddenly the Holy Virgin made a miracle and saved his life.

The Maravilla circus
Matias Lopez Espinosa
Villita de Guadalupe, October 30, 1932

The girl Lucy walks around with her freakish animal. Thanks for she’s not crazy.

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When my husband got sick and he couldn’t work we found out that we can count on our neighbors who helped us.

I’m thankful for the Day of the Skeleton.

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you, because the Black Rider saved me from the Death.

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A grave illness hit the animals. I asked the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe of Mexico to look after my animals. With all my heart, I entrusted my goats, piglets, chicken and asked to not lose our corn field. Since no animal died she thanks offering the present retablo.

Cipriana Garcia
El Progreso, S. L. P., November, 1954

My husband brought home a horrible pig. It came to the kitchen and began to eat everything on its way. I didn’t know how to get rid of this pig. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe and she made so that pig ate my husband’s dinner. Thanks to that he took it to the ranch of his loyal friend.