Virgin of Guadalupe

Virgen de Guadalupe

Sachi, you are a very kind girl but you can be egoistic sometimes. Even so you are very beautiful and everyone loves you.

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We came out from the 8 o’clock mass and were walking with my daughter Eulalia down the street. Suddenly a horrible, hairy, stinking man with a tremendously giant knife jumped out before us. But how great was my surprise that it was Ruperto, my husband who ran away with Chola many years ago. But he was doing very badly, and now he was dying from hunger. The masters forgave him and he has come back to the estate.

Fulgencia Cruz

Holy Virgin, thousands thanks for we came out alive from this damned desert.


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Frida comes to Brooklyn!!! I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe very much for the current exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum called “Frida Kahlo: Appearances can be deceiving.” Her clothes and personal belongings illustrate her personality which was the focus of her art. I didn’t visit her Blue House during my staying in Mexico City but now it’s been recreated in Brooklyn, just in few steps from where I live.

Gerald Dilley \ Brooklyn, New York, 2019

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Lucio and Pedro dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because Raul didn’t found out that we cheated on him after coming back from the gym. I’m very sorry and ask forgiveness for such a dirty trick, and I promise to make him happy.

La Roma, Mexico City, 2018

Thanks, Holy Virgin, for all your favours, especially for letting my dear friend Filemon Ramos and me stay in the living world. We let ourselves loose with very hot and sexy chicks.

Sr. Rodrigo Hernandez
Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, November 2, 1965, Mexico

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe. A thief got into our building to steal. He tried to enter in the apartment by the roof. But he got tangled up in one of my underwear, so we managed to catch him.

July 1993
Jose Refugio Regalado
Mexico City

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It happened once, when the night was falling, an UFO landed right in front of don Juan Sanchez’ house. Two strange beings came out to take the cat, but the owner gave a tremendous blow to one of them. The second one saw his associate injured and wanted to grab the cat but don Juan didn’t let him. Then both of them ran to their flying ship. Thank you, Virgin, for such a great result.

Ranch Los Pirules, Guanajuato

I met my opponent at a beach, and we became very good friends. Thanks.

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Little girl Eliza flies at night. Thanks, Virgin, for delivering her from this illness.

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Guillermo Gonzalez was sent by his boss to Veracruz to measure some lands. He went by horse. Because it was very hot, he stopped to take a short rest by the river. He fell asleep and heard a voice in his dream that was calling him. He woke up and saw three crocodiles ready to attack him. He’s sure it was the Virgin of Guadalupe who warned him in his dream, and he thanks for saving him.

Tecolulta, Veracruz, 1955

Boy Luis plays with a skeleton boy. Look after him, Virgin.

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Holy Virgin, please let my rooster win because I bet my wife.