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Edith and I were friends since childhood. But when I presented her my new boyfriend, he told me that she flirted with him. I believe him, because I loved him, and I lashed out against my friend. I thank Saint Charbel because we found out that he played with both of us and we didn’t lose our precious friendship over this jerk.

Alma Suarez — Puebla, Mexico

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I, Dmytro Kuzovkin, thank Higher Forces because when I was late for a date suddenly my good buddy came on his car and drove me on his wheels so I didn’t get late! Thanks to this I enjoyed company of a beautiful woman. My gratitude is so great that I asked the retablero to make the symbol of the Higher Forces bigger and brighter.

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I give thanks to you because my friend zebra Pancha is with me. I thank with this retablo.

Nancy, Mexico, July 26, 2020

This month of November, 1956, I bring this retablo infinitely thanking Saint Pancras for letting me be a friend of Frida since 1947 till her death.

Maria R.

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Full understanding with my friend Jorik brings us together not just spiritually but visually as well! Thanks to the Guardian Angel for I got me a little son Georgy Mikhalich Smagluk.

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Thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe, because my husband forgave me after seeing me in the arms of a so to say friend of mine. We hadn’t seen each other many years, and I invited her for a drink. We began to toast, and she took me to dance, warmed up after drinking. My husband imagined the worst thing about me and wanted to divorce me. I begged you not to let this happen, and he forgave me. I’m very grateful and bring you this retablo.

Mexico, May 18, 1969

I thank the Virgin of San Juan for giving me courage to run away with my boyfriend. Our friend helped us to go live together far away so our parents can’t punish us.

Saint Raymond, thank you because my buddy didn’t notice me under his bed where I hid myself avoiding a trouble to be seen with his wife when he arrived home. I offer you this retablo for the received favor. I ask you for forgiveness and swear to avoid such situation that insults our friendship, because to insult a friend is to insult for ever <...>

Some martians moved in the house near us. I was scared, but then, after knowing them better, I saw that they are very nice and generous persons. They get along very well with our family. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for such wonderful neighbors.

We live far from the town, and my little son had no kids in the neighborhood to play with. One day he told me he got a friend. I thought it was an imaginary friend, but then I saw, to my surprise and fear, that it was a big nagual whom he played with. The creature looked friendly but any way I felt scared and prayed to the Virgin asking for help. The help came when the daughter of our close neighbor Don Romo came to live with him with her three children who made friendship with my son. The nagual got scared with so many people and didn’t approach my son again. Next year my son will go to school, and he’ll have many more friends.

Thank you, Virgin, I met a friend the night the jaguar came.

I’m gay but my family doesn’t know about it because they wouldn’t understand me. I even get a girlfriend so they wouldn’t suspect anything. But she insisted on intimacy. So one night I was going to try it but at the end couldn’t do it. I’m infinitely thankful to Saint Sebastian because she didn’t get angry and we remained good and confident friends. She promised me to not reveal my secret.

Saúl N.
 \ Mexicali, Baja California

What a joy to come to play with my loyal friend. Thanks.

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