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I was going out with two guys at the same time because I couldn’t decide whom to choose for a boyfriend. I was thinking they would find out, but last Saturday I went to the movies with one of them and there I saw, to my fear, my second suitor sitting right in front of us. I thank Saint Raymond because he was so entertained with the movie he didn’t see me with another guy and didn’t find out about my cheating.

Laura Ortiz \ Tepic, Nayarit

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My father wasn’t very glad that I had a boyfriend, so Antonio and I had to meet secretly. One night we were at the cemetery where no one could see us. We were sitting on a grave and talking when we heard a music. We saw the dead leaving their graves and having a party. They played instruments and danced. We were very much frightened. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for we could escape and the skeletons didn’t see us.

Because of rumors my father didn’t accept my boyfriend and even forbade me to see him. But I still met with him secretly. However, one night my father caught us in my bedroom. He was furious, he grabbed his pistol to shoot my boyfriend. I implored Saint Raymond Nonnatus to not let a tragedy happen. The pistol misfired, and my boyfriend managed to escape. Afterwards, I spoke with my father, and he ended up liking my boyfriend. I dedicate this ex-voto for such a great miracle.

Sara Flores — Mexico, 1960

My father didn’t like that I was going out with Raul. But we loved each other. So we kept dating, but we met at the cemetery at night so nobody from the town would see us. One of those nights, we saw a couple of skeletons. They came out of their graves, and he was swearing her his eternal love. We were so overwhelmed with what we saw, the next day, I announced to my father that if he wouldn’t allow Raul visiting me at home, I’d run with him (?). Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe he understood me, so we can date openly.

I thank Saint Anthony. I was decorating the room for the spring holidays and lost my balance. I felt down from the ladder right to the doña Rosita’s son’s arms. He is very handsome, and we are dating.

Margarita Gomez

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My daughter’s suitors were getting stranger and stranger. I doubted if they were from this planet. Thanks to the Virgin, now she’s dating a nice guy who looks normal.

I went to a blind-date to a dance with a women who appeared to be very nice on the phone and had a very sexual voice. But to my surprise she turned out to be a she-devil. And he was accompanied by another couple of devils. I was very scared, so I had only one dance with her and then slipped away pretending I was going to the bathroom. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for I could escape from the demons without any damage.

Amalia and Roberto were kissing under a tree and suddenly heard a crying. They saw the Weeping Woman who was coming in their direction in search of her children. They knew that the ghost sometimes took people thinking they were her children. Amalia and Roberto were scared that she would grab them with her long nail and would take them to the world beyond. But thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan, whom they entrusted to, the ghost didn’t noticed them and passed through. They only heard how her crying fade away in the woods.

On the night of November 2, 1982, my girlfriend Lupita and I went to a date to the cemetery, because my mother-in-law didn’t permit to Lupita to have suitors. We were alone chatting, when suddenly some skeletons appeared. They were dancing and playing some instruments. We got scared and promised not to come to the cemetery ever again. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe we didn’t get sick and we even get married. So now we’re happy.

Amador Ramirez
El Aguila, Jalisco

Some thieves got in the doña Luz Gutierrez’ house while she was away on a trip. But thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan the gendarme Romualdo, who had a date with his girlfriend right on the corner one hour before his shift was to start, could catch the malefactors.

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I had a huge problem. When I met a nice guy, it all was going well until we went on a romantic date. When they tried to hug me or even grab my hand, I suddenly became electric and shocked them with electricity. After the shock every man ran away from me. I prayed to the Virgin because I didn’t want to be an old maid. She worked a miracle and made my charge less harmful, leaving me with a soft magnetic attraction. Now I have a boyfriend, and I thank the Virgin.

One beautiful night my boyfriend Pedro and I went to the cemetery so no one could see us, because my parents didn’t allow me to have boyfriend. Suddenly some skeletons appeared. We were so frightened, we ran away. We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for we didn’t get sick.

Lupita Gomez
Tequila, Jalisco
November 5, 1972