Daniel Fénix García-Rico

I thank Saint Valentine because Sonia agreed to marry me when I proposed to her while having a threesome.

D. G. C. 14–Feb.–2009, Mexico City

We thank Jesus Malverde because the cartel people brought the Christmas presents to the children, as they do every year.

Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, 2018

I hate Christmas, so that afternoon I decided to go for a walk instead of the typical dinner. In the park, I met David who also hates Christmas, and since then we have been together thanks to Jesus.

Cecilie M., 24–12–2018, Oslo

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When I was a teenager, I was often harassed by a monster in my dreams. One night, after entrusting myself to the Archangel Michael, I cut the monster’s head, and I’ve never seen the monster again after that dream.

Daniel Bø, 25–11–1999, Oslo

We thank Jesus Malverde for his favors and for one more year of successful deliveries of drugs to the gringos with the submarine that our boss ordered.

Sinaloa, Mexico, 2006

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I do not care what people say, I am a prostitute and I like and enjoy my work. Thank you Mary Magdalene for taking care of me and for so many clients.

Rosa M., Oslo 2018

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Since I bought my smartphone, I was facing the screen waiting for the likes on Facebook. I was like a zombie. I thank Jesus for freeing me from this addiction.

Sunniva Hansen
19.08.2018, Oslo, Norway

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I knew it! I suspected that my girlfriend was unfaithful to me. So I started spying on her. Thanks to Jesus because now I know that she is not worth it and now I have the pretext to send her to hell.

Olav Hansen
17–07–2018, Bergen, Norway

I thank Saint Patrick for being so lucky to get sick with diarrhea so I couldn’t go to work in the government quarter.

22–07–2011, Oslo

I thank Jesus because I’ve become the most popular transsexual with the most followers on YouTube.

Tina Eriksson. Oslo, 2018

Newspaper: “Exonerated three sons of politicians”

Although I know that what I did was not good, I thank the Virgin for the opportunity to do justice with my own hands because the government didn’t do it when I was raped by those juniors.

Alicia M. — CDMX, Mexico, 13–7–2018

I put Saint Anthony head down to make him work a miracle of getting me a boyfriend. Then I met Bryan in Tinder, and to this day we are very happy thanks to Saint Anthony.

Yours sincerely El Charly
CDMX 17/3/2017

A year ago I tried to commit suicide, jumping from the second floor. My girlfriend had left me. Then I met Gaby who was a paramedic who treated me. Thousand thanks to the Holy Death for not taking me and thus having another opportunity to love.

Oslo, Norway, December 7, 2018