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When I left my work, I was attacked by some slackers. I got scared and implored the Virgin of Guadalupe, and I was saved by a mister who heard my screams. I was delivered from being raped.

Virginia Moralez
Bellavista, Mexico City, November 1998

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I give infinite thanks to Saint Michael the Archangel for having worked a miracle of delivering me from the clutches of the vice of drugs. Every day I hallucinated that a demon abused my body, and the fear I felt made me take stronger drugs because I couldn’t control myself.

Zulema Buenrostro
San Miguel de Allende, Gto., 1979

When I was sick with jaundice I used to have terrible nightmares in which I was going to the cemetery, and there skeletons raped me, and those bastards even took turns.

Juliana Mejia T.
Mexico City, 1967

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for I arrived right before this lousy priest would rape my boy when I sent him to confess. I ask God to punish this damned priest.

Anastacia Perez Castillo
Mexico City, 1967

Señora Sandra Robledo was constantly having a dream in which she was raped by two devils. She prayed a lot to Saint Pancras, and those nightmares disappeared. She brings the present retablo in gratitude for this favor.

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for saving my life and for I didn’t get pregnant after being attacked and raped by some villains.

Sofia Garcia Mendez
Mexico City, 1975

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Newspaper: “Exonerated three sons of politicians”

Although I know that what I did was not good, I thank the Virgin for the opportunity to do justice with my own hands because the government didn’t do it when I was raped by those juniors.

Alicia M. — CDMX, Mexico, 13–7–2018

To our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask to forgive me for what I did when I found out that the priest abused my son. But since neither the church nor the government have done anything after so many similar cases, I did it.

Filomeno M., 13–11–2018

God in the highest, thank you because you protected our parish priest when the authorities were looking for him because they said he’d raped some people when they were children. But I know that he didn’t do it by evil because he did it to me also and I know he did it with love because the holy father is very kind and not in bad faith. That’s why you looked after him because you’re also very kind.

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Thank you, Virgin of the Solitude, because you were near in the moments of anxiety on the day I decided to terminate my pregnancy which was the result of a rape. When I got out of the hospital I felt peaceful. I’m sure you protect me in your great mercy.

Luisa, 29 years — Oaxaca

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I thank God because after that sexual rape my little sister went through she came out well of the hospital where they did her an abortion. To continue the pregnancy would have put her life in danger because she is still a girl to become a mother. Today she started smiling again.

Patricia, 25 years — Tabasco

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Thank you God because you helped me to go through this difficult time after the rape. When I was scared of so much pain you brought me to know these people who supported me in my abortion. I’m feeling much better now because they treated me very well and the lady doctor who attended me was very kind. Thanks to everybody I can keep on going to school.

Lucy, 15 years — Chiapas

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Angelica F. was doing very well working as a stripper. But one day some clients went too far and wanted to bang her right there. She thanks Saint Catherine with this retablo for she was saved from being raped and promises to leave this profession.

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