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Angelica X was a stripper, and she liked to perform with a boa. But one day it almost choked her. She thanks Saint Francis with this retablo for she was saved in time and promises to leave this profession.

Since I have a good body, a friend of mine invited me to work at his club as a stripper. I accepted the offer because I’d earn very good money this way. One night I was frightened to see one of my aunts in the first row. My family didn’t know what I was doing. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel because my aunt agreed to keep my secret and I promised not to tell about the places she loves to visit.

Ricardo M. ~ Guadalajara, Jalisco

I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Candelaria because she blessed me with a very beautiful body, although I have very short legs. Thanks to my beauty I was able to become an exotic dancer in a very refined gentleman’s club.

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I thank Saint James the Apostle for my girlfriend didn’t end our relationship after finding out that I’m a stripper. I was hired once to dance striptease at a bachelorette party. I couldn’t imagine that the bachelorette was a friend of my girlfriend and she invited her. Now my girlfriend is really happy because she can always have private dances.

Roman N. \ Puebla

Virgin of San Juan, I thank you because I found a job as a stripper. Thanks to that I can support my children. You know I do it not because I like it but out of necessity. And I ask you to protect me in such a tough profession.

Guadalupe “The Cute”
La Merced, Mexico City – June 17, 1995

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The young man Carlos B. thanks Saint Anthony of Padua with this retablo because his neighbor shows him striptease in the window every night and now they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

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The stripper Eugenia Robledo got her hair on fire during a magic act. She thanks Saint Rita with this retablo for her injures have been healed and there are no marks left.

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Diana Martinez was kicked out of her house. In despair, she found a stripper job. She thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus because she’s doing very well.

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I lied to my boyfriend out of fear and told him that I was a secretary while in fact I was working as a stripper. I thank Saint Raymond Nonnatus because when he proposed to me I revealed my secret, and he didn’t get angry. He understood me showing that he truly loves me and is not ashamed by my profession.

Esmeralda H. \ Tijuana, Baja California

Carolina Telles enjoyed very much to strip dance. One day she was so emotionally involved in her act, she his her head and broke her neck. She prayed to Saint Raymond and recovered quickly. She thanks for that.

Abel C. dedicates this humble retablo to Saint George thanking him for his wife hasn’t found out that he has a habit of spending a lot of money on private dances from sexy strippers at “Table Dance” on weekends. He promises to never forget about his obligations as husband, but will go on satisfying his personal whims, even secretly.

Tijuana, Baja California

On my 60th birthday, my friends brought me a cake that I thought was real. But suddenly, I almost had a heart attack when a half naked sexy dancer came out of it. I thank Saint Charbel for this scare didn’t lead to anything serious and I wouldn’t have ended my birthday in the hospital.

Ramon del Valle
Queretaro, Mexico

The young man Aniceto Pantoja thanks Saint Pancras for he’s working in Chipendale and with the earnings can pay for his studies.

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