Saint Bruno

San Bruno

Laura R. got tremendously scared when her father caught her dancing in a club for men. She fervently thanks Saint Bruno for he didn’t beat her to death and already forgave her.

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Señor Agustin Dominguez bought a piece of land and, when he was digging a foundation, found a chest with gold coins. He gives infinite thanks to Saint Bruno with this retablo for such a great luck.

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Angelica G. had a fantasy of walking naked through the city streets. She thanks Saint Bruno with this retablo because her city celebrated a naked bike ride.

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Daniel C. brings this humble exvoto to Saint Bruno with his deep gratitude for nobody found out about this grave mistake he committed at his last drinking spree. He went in a motel to spend the night with a chick he met in a bar few hours before. The next morning he woke up and saw with great horror that it was a guy, and he ran out of here.

Mexicali, Baja California

T. A. loved when her partner spanked her with a sword. But one day it went out of hand and she ended up in the hospital. She thanks Saint Bruno with the present retablo for overcoming the embarrassment of explaining to the doctors what happened since they wouldn’t believe her.

I’m still a virgin because I’ve been always very shy with women. So my friends encouraged me to hire a prostitute. But I was so nervous I didn’t notice that I went to the area where crossdresser men work. I give thanks to Saint Bruno because I noticed that the “girl” who was about to jump in my car was a man. I promise to wait till the real love comes to my life.

Maximiliano T. — Culiacan, Sinaloa

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Cassandra dedicates this simple retablo to Saint Bruno giving him thanks for being the star dancer of the night club “Mamacitas” where she works every night and has very good salary which she, being a single mother, uses to give her little daughter a comfortable life.

Tecate, Baja California

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I dedicate this retablo to Saint Bruno with my deep gratitude for someone had invented that pill “Viagra” because it saved my marriage. My husband had issues with erectile dysfunction, but now we are happily enjoy our intimate moments.

Romina Quezada
Saltillo, Coahuila

I liked my master a lot but kept it in a secret because he was married. One night there were only two of us and I confessed to him. He responded to me, and we spent a passionate night, without protection. I was afraid of possible consequences and prayed to Saint Bruno. The saint worked the miracle and I didn’t get pregnant. Otherwise the mistress would have been furious and would have fired me. I bring this humble retablo.

Maria N. \ Tecate, Baja California

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My sister and I went to the capital to study in the university but we needed money to cover our expenses. We took advantage of our beauty and started working as dancers in a night club where the pay is very good. We thank Saint Bruno for our parents don’t know about it because they would get angry and make us return to the village.

Josefina and Raquel S. ~ Guadalajara, Jalisco

Federico Ramos got the lead role in a theatre play. He thanks Saint Bruno with this retablo and promises to do his best.

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The sisters Yasmin and Graciela M. bring this retablo to Saint bruno thanking him for they have become models of plus-size lingerie. The things are going so well they are even thinking about launching their own brand.

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1915, in the town of Guejosingo, the soul of my buddy appeared to me. He didn’t stop flirting with me so he chased me. I thank Saint Bruno for protecting me so I didn’t suffer any harm.

Rosa M.

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