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Elena Villa was the most brave of all the women soldiers. That’s why I make this exvoto in your name. God bless you.

Jalisco, 1949

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While vacationing in Yelapa, I fell and hit my head and was drowning. Thanks to Jeremy from Canada, who isn’t a saint, but he prays quite a bit, who rescued me and love to Jen for killing the scorpion and her patience and understanding.

James Heck

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I bring the present retablo to the Virgin of Juquila thanking her for letting me dedicate my life to what I’m passion about—the wrestling. I thank for my successful career that was crowned that night when I won the mask of my arch-rival Avenger Bat Jr., earning the admiration of the audience and applause.

Super Atomico

Guadalajara, Jalisco

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To the Virgin of San Juan, I make this gratitude because I was able to find my daughter’s piggy that had escaped from the pigsty because she forgot to lock it.

Dionicia Juarez, Jalisco, Mexico, February 9, 1979

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I thank the Virgin of Talpa for giving me the opportunity of studying her retablos and for it was possible, thanks to the generous support of many people, to publish this book about her. I ask God for his intercession and to always look after the priests of Talpa, holy fathers Estrada Sting, Enrique Flores and Salazar Gonzalez, as well as Martha Becerra, don Francisco Arias and mr. Ernesto Valdez.

Prof. Elin Luque Agraz, Mexico City, May 10, 2015

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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for letting me stay alive after a dangerous surgery on my head that put me in a deadly danger. I leave this retablo as a testimony of your miracle.

Fermin Jesus Maria
Jalisco, Mexico, January 6, 2010

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My old man Cirilo used to drink in the bar with his friends. I was very desperate because he couldn’t stop. I begged the Holy Lord of Chalma to help him to quit this sin, and thanks to his divine intervention my old man amended his ways and became a good worker.

Domitila Castrejon ~ Tlaquepaque, Jalisco

Almost all women in our family have beards. That’s why my sister and I grew up as circus freaks and married ugly men. We got tired of our destiny and began to perform as dancers. We shaved, we divorced, and we have great success. We thank the Virgin of San Juan.

Jalisco, 1962

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Virgin of San Juan, for helping me to get through a dangerous surgery on my stomach, I thank you. I was stabbed by my husband who thought I was cheating on me with another man. My life was in danger.

Irene, Jalisco, Mexico
September 19, 2000

Virgin of San Juan, I give thanks to you for letting me save my life and go well through an open heart surgery to unclog a valve that I had clogged because I’m overweight.

Alonso M.
Guadalajara, Mexico, May 27, 2010

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Drunk skeletons appeared to Rafael Contreras, they wanted to make him drunk with tequila. But he implored the Holy Face and got free from them.

Guadalajara, 1955

Nicandro Malfabon was a macho but he fell in love with his stable boy. He asked Saint Francis of Assisi to release him from this feeling or make so that the young man return his love to him. And he took him to his house.

October 1979, Cuquio, Jalisco
Nicandro Malfabon

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me tenacity and spirit to win the national championship by taking over the great Caveman in three falls matches at the Arena Coliseo in beautiful Guadalajara.

I give thanks, Lightning from Jalisco, 1959