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Virgin of San Juan, I bring you this retablo in gratitude for granting me the miracle of saving my baby, when I fell down the stairs and went urgently to the hospital. We are safe and healthy thanks to the medics.

Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico
May 10, 2003

I tried to cross the desert and get to the another side. I walked meaninglessly for many hours, and then I began to feel sick. I decided to take a rest. I sat down, and a scorpion stung my hand. I though I was going to die. In that moment, a devil himself appeared before me and offered to save me in exchange for my soul. I prayed the Virgin for help… and managed to get to the hospital alive. I give thanks.

Ruperto, Sonora, 2020

Gregorio Robledo worked as a double in a movie, and he was accidentally stabbed in the back with a sword. He gives infinite thanks to Saint Charbel with this retablo because it wasn’t very serious and he’s already got out of the hospital.

I was so ill in the hospital that the doctors didn’t have hopes to keep me alive. I thank Our Lord Jesus Christ who, in his infinite mercy, worked a miracle and brought my health back to me. May you be blessed.


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Ramon Telles got drunk and went flirting with a girlfriend of a wrestler, but the wrestler kicked his ass. He thanks Saint Jude because he just got out of the hospital…

I, Guadalupe Maravilla, wholeheartedly dedicate this in gratitude for the second chance the life has given me so I could continue following my path as an artist and a healer.

December 12, 2013

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Catarino Pantoja was in a tavern when his beloved ones began fighting each other. They two ended up in the hospital, along with the baby. Catarino thanks the Merciful Lord with this retablo because all three have already come out of the hospital and he managed to get rid of them.

Puebla, 1914

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for saving me from dying of COVID-19. I asked you to grant me health and you did it. Protect all the doctors who are fighting to save lives in the hospitals.

Sr. Moises
Mexico City, May 2020

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My son Manuel went to New York few years ago looking for a job. After much struggle, he managed to open his own small taco shop. But few weeks ago he got sick with coronavirus. I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus with this exvoto because he’s already recovered and got out from the hospital. I beg for the health of the Mexican fellow countryman who are infected and are suffering so far from their land and their families.


T. A. loved when her partner spanked her with a sword. But one day it went out of hand and she ended up in the hospital. She thanks Saint Bruno with the present retablo for overcoming the embarrassment of explaining to the doctors what happened since they wouldn’t believe her.

We were very much worried because my wife Rebecca who was pregnant felt pain in her belly. We wholeheartedly thank Saint Raymond Nonnatus because after four weeks in the hospital, despite being born a month earlier, our little Charlie Benjamin Ruedin was healthy, happy and beautiful, and everything went very well.

Joshua Ruedin — 14/Sep/2015 — Austin, Texas — USA

Pablo Andrade was taken for dead, and they already start reading a funeral service. He testifies his gratitude to Saint James with this retablo because he woke up before he was buried, although he scared his sister so she ended up in the hospital.

Holy Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, take care of doctors and nurses during this pandemic.

April 2020

Virgin of Guadalupe, I ask you for all the doctors in Mexico and in the world, help them and protect them and their families. Safe them from anything bad. I beg you for all patients with COVID-19 and those who already died—let them rest in eternal peace.

April, 2020

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