Alfredo Vilchis

The famous Mexican painter, father of Hugo, Daniel and Luis Vilshis who also became painters.

Holy Mother Virgin of Guadalupe, may you be blessed for curing my rheumatism so I can go back to work with my flowers here in Xochimilco. When no remedy would help me I prayed to you, and you cured me.

Merejildo, local of this town
December 12, 1990

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I dedicate this retablo to my mother thanking her for giving me life and blessing me. My life has been always filled with Faith, Hope and Love. And there, in heaven, where she’s resting now, she won’t leave me alone in my mission because the art is the real miracle. I also dedicate this retablo to my wife for her love and constant support; to my children for their loving friendship and honesty; to the society and people who enjoy my work and let me tell about stories, facts, visions and imaginations from my beloved Mexico.

From Mexico to the world.

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Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for delivering me of this damaging situation. My wife left me for another man, I was looking to comfort myself with this vice. I was at the point of dying because she doesn’t love me anymore. Your devoted son.

Barrio Norte, Mexico City, 2009

The night of August 15, 1930, I was coming back to Zacatecas. While crossing a river, I was dragged by the current from a saddle and carried away. I was afraid to die drowning and prayed the Holy Child of Atocha. My horse saved me and dragged me to the shore. With this retablo, I testimony this miracle and ask to bless my horse for her loyalty.

Gumaro from Fresnillo, Zacatecas

We thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for the happiness, love and friends we met in your country—nice and beautiful Mexico. We’ll remember only good things about the culture, customs and traditions, and we’ll keep it in our hearts.

From Xochimilco, Mexico, to France
Victoire and Heure di Rosa, February 14, 2002

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Her son was 1 year and 13 days old and he got sick. No remedy, no natural medicine would help him. So she went to the Lord of the Column’s altar and asked a glass of holy water. She pour some of it in the baby’s mouth since he was already facing death. With the tears in her eyes, the mother asked for a favor and entrusted the dying child to the Lord while keeping pouring the holy water in him. Suddenly the baby woke up and moved his little hands. Holy water healed him. The mother brings this retablo as gratitude.

San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato

With the tears of happiness and hope, I thank the Brown-skin girl from Tepeyac because she granted me a possibility to see with my own eyes His Holiness John Paul II, at my 90 years. Let his message touch the hearts of all Mexicans and their rulers so this country would be the Paradise of the new century.

Mexico, the end of millennium

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe. My daddy and my mommy were fighting and arguing all the time. One day they were hitting each other so violently that I prayed the Virgin promising her to dedicate a retablo if they stop fighting. I thank because our house is peaceful now and we leave happily.

Puebla, February 14, 1934

I dedicate this retablo to the people of the United States, for all those innocent died on September 11, 2001. Virgin of Guadalupe, send them your comfort, let there be peace and no war, and leave Mother Earth in peace.

From Mexico to the World
Alfredo Vilchis Roque, neighborhood artist

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Blessed Heart, thank you for giving us the opportunity of meeting each other, finding our happiness and living it together such as we are.

Condeza, Mexico City
May 17, 2000

I offer this retablo to the Zacacalco Crucifix for helping me with the agaves. After selling my pulque I could buy this mule that helps me to deliver more orders in and out of the town. There are a lot of orders now. Bless my work as a pulque gatherer, give me strength and health.

Eligio Chavez
San Cristobal Zacacalco, Hidalgo
May 17, 1960

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We were dragged by the current when the river burst its banks and flooded the town. We implored the Virgin of Guadalupe to protects us from this tragedy. I managed to climb a tree and saved my family from dying drowning. More people who were in danger sent to us by the nature were saved. The Virgin protected us. I bring this retablo, eternally thankful.

Thankful family, Chiapas, 2007

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To my Lord and to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, I offer this retablo because I got my lands back. I inherited them from my late parents and then the lands were taking from me without any reason as a mortgage. I prayed to you and now I work on my lands again as my parents’ wish. Bless me, Holy Virgin, since I’m all alone.

Serafin, Cuajumalpa, May 3, 1975

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