Alfredo Vilchis

The famous Mexican painter, father of Hugo, Daniel and Luis Vilshis who also became painters.

With the tears of happiness and hope, I thank the Brown-skin girl from Tepeyac because she granted me a possibility to see with my own eyes His Holiness John Paul II, at my 90 years. Let his message touch the hearts of all Mexicans and their rulers so this country would be the Paradise of the new century.

Mexico, the end of millennium

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe. My daddy and my mommy were fighting and arguing all the time. One day they were hitting each other so violently that I prayed the Virgin promising her to dedicate a retablo if they stop fighting. I thank because our house is peaceful now and we leave happily.

Puebla, February 14, 1934

I dedicate this retablo to the people of the United States, for all those innocent died on September 11, 2001. Virgin of Guadalupe, send them your comfort, let there be peace and no war, and leave Mother Earth in peace.

From Mexico to the World
Alfredo Vilchis Roque, neighborhood artist

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Blessed Heart, thank you for giving us the opportunity of meeting each other, finding our happiness and living it together such as we are.

Condeza, Mexico City
May 17, 2000

I offer this retablo to the Zacacalco Crucifix for helping me with the agaves. After selling my pulque I could buy this mule that helps me to deliver more orders in and out of the town. There are a lot of orders now. Bless my work as a pulque gatherer, give me strength and health.

Eligio Chavez
San Cristobal Zacacalco, Hidalgo
May 17, 1960

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We were dragged by the current when the river burst its banks and flooded the town. We implored the Virgin of Guadalupe to protects us from this tragedy. I managed to climb a tree and saved my family from dying drowning. More people who were in danger sent to us by the nature were saved. The Virgin protected us. I bring this retablo, eternally thankful.

Thankful family, Chiapas, 2007

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To my Lord and to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, I offer this retablo because I got my lands back. I inherited them from my late parents and then the lands were taking from me without any reason as a mortgage. I prayed to you and now I work on my lands again as my parents’ wish. Bless me, Holy Virgin, since I’m all alone.

Serafin, Cuajumalpa, May 3, 1975

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I thank the Holy Child of Atocha for curing my son from a horrible pneumonia.

Petra, Zacatecas
April 30, 1948

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I thank you, Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, for choosing this place to reign with your blessings since that morning of December 5, 1531, when you appeared with your divine message to that Indian the Blessed Juan Diego. We worship you with love, faith, hope and care ever since.

Mexico, Tenochtitlan

With the promise “to be together till death do us apart” the boy Marquitos and his father Jose Antonio Villaseñor took off from Mexico with the illusion of prosperity. In Reynosa, Tamaulipas, together with 70 others people without documents, they got in the trailer of a truck going to Houston, Texas. After few hours of terrible agony, they were found hugging each other but with no life in them like 11 others Mexicans and 5 more Latin Americans. They all died asphyxiated and dehydrated. They were left without mercy by the mean smugglers in the town of Victoria, south of Houston. Morning of May 14, 2003, when I heard these painful news, I entrusted their souls to the Holy Virgin of the Solitude and the Lord of Chalma. I also ask to protect those who escaped the death.

Alfredo Vilchis Roque, Mexico City, 2003

Historical Sunday it was for the wrestling. Thanks to his jumps the wrestler Holy Mask won over the Little Phantom and became the first ever champion among little people according to the World Wrestling Committee. The audience at the Arena Mexico was roaring which isn’t easy to achieve. March 10, 1992. I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus.


May 2000, we went through the desert with the only dream to get to USA and to make some money. On the fourth day, we understood that we were lost. We had no food, no water. We felt that death was near, and we began to pray the Virgin of Guadalupe to save us from dying like dogs, far away from our beautiful and beloved Mexico. We read Our Father and went to sleep. We were saved by a local who took us to Nogales, where the border is. We had no money, but we were alive. May you be blessed, Virgin! And to all Mexicans I want to say this: think before you go across the border because there is nothing better than our Mexico. Two chilangos are telling you.

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To the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe and to Saint Jude Thaddeus I offer this retablo so that they would help and protect the scavengers from the Bordo de Xochiaca dump where they bring waste and garbage from all over my city, the biggest in the world. In order to survive, they earn their living with dignity. I understood there’s no undignified job but undignified people. Remember that.

Alfredo Vilchis Roque
Corner of the miracles, Minas de Cristo
Mexico City — September 24, 2009