Lord of Chalma

Señor de Chalma

I thank Holy Lord of Chalma for I’m ok after having fallen from my horse and hurting my neck. Here I thank for I could show my act with my horse in the circus once again and I’m having a great success.

Daniel Hernandez, January 6, 1990

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I want to thank the Holy Lord of Chalma because I got my lands back and I’ve started to cultivate my agaves and sell pulque to live properly. The land was my inheritance left me by my father before his death. But my uncles took possession of it. I begged you to admit my rights, and you did it for me.

Juvencio Roque
Iztapaluca, Mexico, 1960

One night I was selling cold beer at the wrestling arena. I was distracted and didn’t noticed that the wrestler named Superpig jumped off the third rope and almost fell on me. I thank the Lord of Chalma because I stepped away in time. Otherwise he would have sent me right to the hospital.

Abelino Rodriguez
Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco

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My boyfriend Jasinto and I were secretly seeing each other by the river for our lovemaking because my daddy didn’t let me have a boyfriend. But the other day, while we were making out, we saw someone passing by. I thank the Holy Lord of Chalma for it was only my grandfather who cannot see very well, so he didn’t notice us. Otherwise, things with my family would have gone very terrible for me.

Lupita R. ~ Morelia, Michoacan

I swear I won’t drink anymore. R. C.

I thank the Lord of Chalma for giving me willpower to stop drinking and regain my wife’s love and my kids’ affection who forgave me the pain I caused them with this damned vice of mine when I was wasting all my money in the bar.

Ramon Corona
Cuajimalpa, Mexico, May 10, 1959

Daniel and Luis thanks the Lord of Chalma for giving them strength to cross the Arizona desert and fulfill their American dream and make some bucks to support their family back in Mexico.

January 25, 1985

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We beg the Lord of Chalma, from our hearts, to end quickly the quarantine and the COVID-19 virus so that our children could go back to school because we can’t stand being locked up with them any longer. They only cause havoc, and my wife and I are about to explode from the stress.

Raul and Sonia L. — Mexico

April 30, 1985, during my routine in the circus, a frightened lion jumped on me. In such danger, I implored the Holy Lord of Chalma, and with this help I managed to tame the lion and ended my act without anything happened to me. I thank for the received favor.

Federico Hernandez

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Daniel thanks the Lord of Chalma for giving him a second chance after this terrible earthquake that took place on September 19, 2017, and for all help offered by Mexican people to be rescued alive, and for the help of the doggy Frida.

Polanco, Mexico City

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Last year I participated for a first time in the staging about the passion and death of Jesus Christ on Holy Week playing Jesus. Although I had been preparing for months, I was about to faint that day because of strain and heat. I asked the Lord of Chalma to help me and to give me strength to finish the Way of the Cross, and he did so, for which I’m thankfully dedicate this retablo.

Iztapalapa, Mexico City

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My husband and I thank the Holy Lord of Chalma with this retablo for allowing us to perform the Son Jarocho dance every weekend in the city center and in the arcades. It fills us with pride to keep our traditions alive and to share our music with the tourists who visit the beautiful city of Veracruz.

Inocencia Cruz and Pascual Dominguez

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Lord of Chalma, thank you for saving me another day when I was near the well and skeletons came from it. They wanted to take me with them. I thank you.

Victoriano Diaz
Guanajuato, November 4, 1940

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To Lord of Chalma I prayed with all my soul so that he would help me to quit drinking. Every time I got drunk I beat my wife and kids with a belt. But I really love them. Thats’ why I quit drinking. Thank you for delivering me from this sin.

Eliodoro, May 10, 1925
San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato