Lord of Chalma

Señor de Chalma

Sr. Macario gives infinite thanks to the Lord of Chalma for saving his cow Pancha from dying from a rare disease that was killing all the animals and with no cure from it. He brings this retablo as his gratitude for this.

October 25, 1970
Ixtlahuaca, Mexico

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The villages of Sierra de las Cruces and Monte Alto, state of Mexico, we thank the Holy Lord of Holy Face from Campana, the Lord of the Exaltation from Xochicuautla, the Virgin of Gaudalupe on the board, Mary of Los Remedies, Naucalpan, Saint James of Temoaya, the Holy Lord of Chalma and Saint Michael the Archangel from Ameyalco for covering us with their mantles and keeping COVID-19 away from us. It was invented by the governments to end with villages and old people.

August 2020, CAHD

A young man Florentino Mendoza thanks the Lord of Chalma for helping him to successfully perform the Pass of Death at the cowboy championship and get the first prize for his team “The Golden Cowboys”, for which he dedicates this humble retablo.

Tetepango, Hidalgo

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— Brain fried.
BUAP — Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla)

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Holy Lord of Chalma, I ofer you this retablo for my son Emmanuel Espin by father and Pineda by mother would finish his studies this year and begin to work. His parents, brothers, friends, teachers and relatives we all insistently part to you because we miss him.


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Alfredo gives infinitive thanks to the Lord of Chalma for he managed to extinguish his gas truck when it got on fire after losing the brakes and crushing into another car. Thus he avoided a bigger tragedy. He brings this retablo for the received favor.

January 14, 1985
Mexico City

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When I was returning after having coated my brother-in-law’s house and with few drinks inside, the fucking devil appeared to me. I ran so fast out of there that I even sobered up. I asked the Holy Lord of Chalma to look after me and deliver me from the evil. Now I’m thanking and promise not to use an expression “Devil fucks your mother” ever again.

Jose Trinidad Martinez de Jesus
Tacuba neighborhood, Mexico City
July 6, 1984

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The other night my friend and I went to the bar to drink some tequilas. But we lost control, and after a while got so drunk and sentimental talking about our fails in love that when we realized what was going on we were pretty close to each another and ready to kiss. We thank the Lord of Chalma for we have our conscience back and didn’t do it. We remain being friends as usual.

Juan N. and Silvestre R. ~ Tonala, Jalisco

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Daniel gives infinite thanks to the Holy Lord of Chalma for saving his life when the brakes in his truck failed on the way from Cuernavaca. He thanks for this favor.

April 15, 1989, Mexico City

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Lord of Chalma, I thank you for delivering me from dying being shot by my girlfriend’s father when he caught me painting a graffiti on his house. I was so fucking scared I got diarrhea that wouldn’t stop for fifteen days. Now I’m fine, and I promise not to do this again.

Angel V.
Barrio Norte, Mexico City, February 14, 1999

I thank Holy Lord of Chalma for I’m ok after having fallen from my horse and hurting my neck. Here I thank for I could show my act with my horse in the circus once again and I’m having a great success.

Daniel Hernandez, January 6, 1990

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I want to thank the Holy Lord of Chalma because I got my lands back and I’ve started to cultivate my agaves and sell pulque to live properly. The land was my inheritance left me by my father before his death. But my uncles took possession of it. I begged you to admit my rights, and you did it for me.

Juvencio Roque
Iztapaluca, Mexico, 1960

One night I was selling cold beer at the wrestling arena. I was distracted and didn’t noticed that the wrestler named Superpig jumped off the third rope and almost fell on me. I thank the Lord of Chalma because I stepped away in time. Otherwise he would have sent me right to the hospital.

Abelino Rodriguez
Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco

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My boyfriend Jasinto and I were secretly seeing each other by the river for our lovemaking because my daddy didn’t let me have a boyfriend. But the other day, while we were making out, we saw someone passing by. I thank the Holy Lord of Chalma for it was only my grandfather who cannot see very well, so he didn’t notice us. Otherwise, things with my family would have gone very terrible for me.

Lupita R. ~ Morelia, Michoacan